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Wolf trapping, what equipment??

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Unread 05-17-2012, 09:24 PM
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Re: Wolf trapping, what equipment??

Sounds like Idaho Sawyer has a gold mine of wolf equipment. When I was in Oregon I had to laugh when I saw sets using Mink traps put out for 'coon. If you want junk made out of your hardware put some #3's out for wolf. Our Alaskan big boys are like catching your neighbor in a small double spring trap...... not the best thing to have happen. They not only pull the jaws but they seem to enjoy turning these things inside out. Go with the 8 to 81/2" coil springs with magnum springs. You don't want to end up with any 'trap smart' wolves running around the country side. If you can catch coyote consistently you might be able to take a wolf or two. They are 20 times smarter than a yodel dog and have better memories than elephants. They can smell you 2 miles away if your gear isn't immaculate they will mark it and you 'til death. But, other than these little things they are very obtainable. They are curious and they are always hungry. Use their weakness to your advantage. The trick is not to let them know you are after them. If all else fails you can always shoot them. They are cautious yet few have learned to associate a stealthy hunter with a rifle at long range as a real danger. Enjoy your learning about the big dogs and have a successful season. Keep your powder dry.
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Unread 05-21-2012, 09:59 PM
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Re: Wolf trapping, what equipment??

I agree with Chugiakbilly, and I have friends in ID and MT who are Ex Fed Predator men with years of wolf experience. Both States have relied on the Alaska trappers experience also. One cannot express enough the importance of solid 4 coiled coils, or superior long springs rigged on the middle or near of the baseplate, secured or drag setups of the correct size and or weighting for conditions. It is really too bad Montana wont get snares, shortsighted in control methods for sure. I Have great faith in many of the Mt trappers, but snares would be even better. The estimates publicly given for Idaho are way low according to the real knowledge of the control folks in the field. It has been posted earlier in a wolf forum, but see "LOBO WATCH" onlne for the REAL history and problems of the Yellowstone re - intro. The comment by the Native American in Mt is not totally correct, The Native
peoples harvested wolves all along, early Fur men from HBC watched them in wolf skin covers used to sneak up on Buffalo. They traded wolf skins also when first contact began with traders coming in from the great lakes into Canada. Wolves have always had man as a predator, but of a different way of life back then. They had methods I will not list here that were more effective than traps that they used. it was written down by one of the first white men to ever truly live with the Blackfeet in Canada and Montana.

God, Guns, Guts and the American Fur Trade MADE America, Lets keep it that way!!! Know your History! Know Americas Borders! Why they are, where they are- The Fur Trade!

Kids that Hunt Trap and Fish, DONT Mug Little old Ladies, Take them young ones outside and teach em' - For Life!
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Unread 06-16-2012, 11:00 AM
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Re: Wolf trapping, what equipment??

Sure hope MT smartens up! I live in region one, heavy brush country and lots of snow. With snares i could clean up my back yard a bit. One tag is kind of a joke, last season i could of shot 3-4 more out of the pack i took mine out of. Then at least 2 more while out lion hunting. FWP is taking public comments online till the end of the month i believe. We need to hammer them with public comments. Our game herds are slipping away.
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