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Time for a road trip... to Russia

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Unread 01-07-2013, 11:53 PM
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Time for a road trip... to Russia

Yegor Borisov, head of the Sakha Republic, a vast and sparsely populated region of eastern Siberia, has called for an urgent cull of wolves after the predators swamped populated areas in a search for food.

The local government has announced a three month "battle against wolves" to be launched on January 15.

Special task forces will be put together and the hunting season extended all year round in a bid to tackle what the local authorities have described as a "mass migration" of the creatures.

The governor has even promised a six-figure cash prize for the hunters who bring back the most skins.

The sparsely populated Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, has seen several dramatic confrontations between humans and the animals in recent years.

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Last January a "super pack" of 400 wolves laid siege to the remote town of Verkhoyansk, forcing locals to mount patrols on snow mobiles until the government could send in extra help.

Wolves usually hunt in small groups of just six or seven, and naturalists believe only a serious failure of the usual food supply could have brought such a large pack together to tackle larger prey.

This year naturalists say a shortage of the wolves' traditional pretty especially blue hares has seen vast numbers of the hungry animals migrating from their mountainous hunting grounds to central parts of the republic.

While scientists agree a food shortage is at the root of the problem, it is not clear what has impacted the small mammal population. Some naturalists have pointed to cyclical fluctuations in the population of small mammals, but others have suggested unusually harsh winters could have played a role.

There are thought to be about 3,500 wolves in the Sakha Republic, which covers an area larger than Argentina. The local government says the territory can realistically support no more than 500.

While no attacks on humans have been reported recently, the influx of predators into more populated regions has had a big impact on agriculture especially the region's traditional reindeer herders.

Wolves killed 313 horses and over 16,000 reindeer in 2012, according to the agriculture ministry.
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Unread 01-08-2013, 08:12 PM
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Re: Time for a road trip... to Russia

This is exactly why we need to get rid of the ones we got stuck with.
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Unread 01-08-2013, 08:30 PM
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Re: Time for a road trip... to Russia

I don't know if they did it, but the Russians were talking a return to poison to get control of this. At one point they signed on to a ban prohibiting it, and it no longer meets their needs. Tough animal to control.
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Unread 01-08-2013, 09:59 PM
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Re: Time for a road trip... to Russia

Just goes to show you that wolves will eat themselves out of house and home. I am sure the wolf lovers have a an explanation for this.
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Unread 01-09-2013, 12:04 AM
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Re: Time for a road trip... to Russia

This is just wolves doing what wolves do! They are natures extreme predators, and the only way they live until next week is by killing something and eating as much of it as they can today!

I find it so sad that we paid to have these animals put here! I find it unfortunate that government manages every big game species out there by hunting but lets our wolves go unhunted for what 12-14 years? I find it sad that I have to hate these animals so stongly as I do because of the way our government lets human emotions get in the way of properly managing the wolf populations in our back yards.

These wolves have a place in Yellowstone and Glacier park for all of the nonindigenous predator lovers of the Earth, and this is the only place the wolves belong. It is my opinion that every wolf that shows its head on public or private property needs to be executed by any means possible.
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Unread 01-10-2013, 01:23 AM
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Re: Time for a road trip... to Russia

Like you said, that is what wolves do. We have a pack in almost every drainage here in western Sanders county. A neighbor had some down around his cows last week. The Russians will take care of the problem.
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Unread 01-10-2013, 10:32 AM
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Re: Time for a road trip... to Russia

I think that was a 2011 article. Haven't heard much since.

Here's one. Click on "view full article".
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