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Low Blood Pressure? Read this!!

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Old 04-02-2013, 08:42 AM
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Re: Low Blood Pressure? Read this!!

Originally Posted by mtnwrunner View Post
Ah yes, Lynn Stone-----she is one who causes trouble here in our area.
AND she also monitors this site, FYI. Lynn, thanks for calling Idaho a "third world country." I suggest then that you leave.
I suggest you start running these idiots off. Be gentle at first, but don't let them take root, or you'll wind up like we did in Kalirado. I'll be able to buy weed, but god forbid I try to buy a 20 round magazine.

It's still not clear what magazines will be "allowed". According to the new law here, "readily convertible" magazines are banned also, so since most magazines can be extended (removable floor plate), they are all banned.
If you like your hunting rifle, you can keep your hunting rifle.
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Old 04-11-2013, 07:35 PM
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Re: Low Blood Pressure? Read this!!

I bet they lose more sleep over what i do than i do over what they whail and whine about! Bunch of hippy bums that have nothing better to do.

So I'll just keep raisin' and sellin' beef to fund my long range habit, looking for poor "majestic" wolves to shoot!
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Old 05-21-2013, 01:13 AM
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Re: Low Blood Pressure? Read this!!

Its amazing what one unintelligent idiot with a mouth and keyboard can do. Recently one of these retards saw an eagle along side a river. Got scared an upcoming boat race would decimate every eagle in NA and almost shut down the race. I hope he has to drive 50 miles for a loaf of bread now. The eagle is healthy by the way after his front row seat. He looks forward to next year. This broad has the same negative impact on society as the political correctness that curbs what really should be done about wolves......make them extinct. We are hamstringed before we start. Political correctness has removed brains, spines, common sense, balls, and integrity from REAL men, and gives servitude to pandering hippies. Since the beginning of time the wolf has been the symbol next to the snake representing the worst imaginable detriment to man. There's a reason.....that's what they are. The natural wolf in the region was irraticated for a reason.....mankind is more valuable than killing machines that endanger every living non-predator. Where did they find the wolves transplanted into the Rockies? Not close by, that's for sure. Not only should we fine tune our shooting skills on unregulated predators, we need to speak loudly in leading our country back to our roots. We need common sense leaders instead of word wizards and liars.
I better stop before I pop a blood vessel.
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Old 05-21-2013, 01:50 AM
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Re: Low Blood Pressure? Read this!!

One more thing....almost 15 years ago I lived on the left side of the cascades for awhile. I coincidentally met 2 domesticated wolf owners. I have no idea as to weather they were grey, timber, candian or husky. They were however LARGE! Leather collars, and no petco chains. More like logging chains caged these critters. The wolf in Corvallis was owned by a hippy type couple with no kids. I was not allowed in the back yard due to high risk. The man lost a finger to the wolf he had raised from a young pup. The other in white city I was not allowed to handle either. Could you imagine if one got loose in town? Anyone know the difference between an infant cry and a varmant call? The screen door.
These were domesticated their whole life and handled regularly by their owners. What is a 'wild' wolf equal on the danger scale? What benifit do these wolves offer this broad in my 3rd world state I call home? If she wants to save something she should focus on tying one up in her back yard and handleit daily. Get real close at feeding time and if that goes well try and write one of her thesis's on 3rd world idaho.
I will chip in $100 to ship her out of my state.
Ya still reading lady?
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Old 07-03-2013, 02:31 PM
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Re: Low Blood Pressure? Read this!!

Originally Posted by mtnwrunner View Post
Oh my God, NO! Something about eating apples through a picket fence.................Randy
I do not understand what you have against horses. I have always found them as an attractive animal.
Now Lynne on the other hand, as seen here:

As I view this comely lass, and wipe the coffee off my computer screen, I am reminded of the handsome Victor McLaglen:

Now some of you young whippersnappers may not remember Victor, but he was in many of John Wayne's movies remember The Quiet Man 1952? I liked him in Gunga Din 1939. If you ever catch him in the 1952 television episode of "This Is Your Life"
you will see with your own eyes that Victor was the most photogenic of his family...esp. the females
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