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SONS of Guns??!!

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Unread 03-10-2012, 02:28 PM
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

Dave you know me and I hate that show its a joke as well as that other one they charge crazy prices.
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf"
If you want to shoot Bergers start here!
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Unread 03-10-2012, 04:25 PM
436 436 is offline
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

Originally Posted by Silverback7 View Post
Is it me or is this guy, Will Hayden, doing nothing original, hack and just plain dumb?
I would agree a lot of the R&D they portray as "new concepts" are old hat with a slightly different twist, sometimes good most the time not so good.
The bovine anal seepage, technical double talk and misinformation can get a little out of hand from what I've seen.

They definitely know how to misquote history.....
There's a lot of drama queens running around there... Hayden being one of the biggest violators, but not the only one by a long shot... that's for sure.

Using statement's in their programs like; "no one has ever suppressed an AK47 before" is pretty lame, we all know that was done clear back in 1955 in Russia on the AK-47 ref Kalashnikov Arm page 61, the Russians even have a BS-1 silent under-barrel grenade launcher... not too mention all the AK74 suppressors they have designed over the many years.
And I know personally of at least 5 US Suppressor builders building suppressors that were used just fine on the AK family of weapons as far back as 20 plus years ago.

I think this is what gun people find a little unsatisfying about the program(s); it's like watching the news media, when they are speaking about weapons on T.V .... they almost never get it right, much like T.V shows in general, kinda the nature of the beast I guess
It's just that this program is suppose to be a gun guy's show; well maybe it is... it's fun to watch the buffoonery in the first degree with a rain grenade an some time too kill, other wise it's channel change time.

just my 0.02
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Unread 03-10-2012, 04:40 PM
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

Well said 436.
this is supposed to be a "gun guys's show". However, it is actually quite anoying to watch if your trying to learn about guns. It can be a good show if your just interested in seeing what silly idea's they are going to come up with this episode...

BTW... why is will so in love with shortening rifle barrels? He cut down for sure 3 - 30 cal machine gun barrels and for sure 1-50 cal barrel. Does the guy have something against power? Also, why on earth did he build a 458 -AR15 for pigs???? they already have powerfull rifles in the AR10 to choose from including the 260 and the 308!

what a joke, I'd take the availability, power, and cost of the 308 over the 458 any day of the week.
He is less concerned with practical tactial equipment and more concerned with flash and over-the -top displays....

Oh well,
I used to re-load but now I "hand-load".
-- Well, at least I try --
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Unread 03-13-2012, 12:41 AM
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

Its made to piss off people that do understand and inffuriate those who don't. He's probable a retired MEDIA school teacher, with as less interest in firearms than you or I. DON"T WATCH IT >>>>> It just improves his ratings, along with all that " Look at me having your fun" TV ... " So , watch more of me, destroy your gun future , because you need to pay like I do" . He's the Ranger Gordd from Red / Green show.
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Unread 03-13-2012, 01:11 AM
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

They actually made the news the other day. From what I understand, they were subject to an ATF inspection/investigation. Which resulted in Will and Stephanie looking at doing some Federal time. However, I guess a deal was made and they will never be able to obtain another FFL.

'Sons of Guns' Stars -- Punished By the Feds for MAJOR Firearms Violations | TMZ.com

It is what it is, internet chatter! So take it for what it is worth!
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

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Unread 03-13-2012, 07:26 PM
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

Yeah, I've watched the show. Sometimes it's entertaining, lots of times it's ,to me, stupid. I gotta remember it's a reality show and Will and crew are probably told what to do and say. I will fault Will in that IF he's as legit as I believe he is, he hasn't stood up to them. He does lead us I think to believe his slightly changed weapon from another that's been done is his "new invention". Did I say that right? Maybe that's what the folks in TV land want him to say for ratings. I will say his show is far better than American Gun. Some of the shows have shown me a good guy side of Will that keeps me checking the guide to see if it's a segment I'll watch.
BTW, I like that 436 says, bovine anal seepage...ain't that the same as B.S.? LOL !
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Unread 03-14-2012, 01:39 PM
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Re: SONS of Guns??!!

How do you make a mistake big enough to lose your FFL if that is your business ie; gun sales, gunsmithing ???
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