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BRD will get you.

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Old 03-05-2011, 06:48 PM
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BRD will get you.

Black Rifle Disease.

You guys need to be warned, getting into this AR thing is addicting. I have only owned a AR15 for a couple years, and I am already building AR wildcats. I have a safe full of bolt guns that have not seen the light of day since I started playing with AR's.

My bolt guns have become a place to store scopes, until I need them for a AR.

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Old 03-07-2011, 04:05 AM
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Re: BRD will get you.

I agree that it's a disease, probably kin to cancer. You get it, you don't realize what you have, 'till it's too late, then it starts eating at you a little at a time. You attempt to treat it, and is subsides, for a little while, then it's back, and your bank and your wallet, only live for months or days.

For me it started with wanting a 6.8SPC. I bought a Ruger Mini-14. Best I could do was 2-3 inch group at 100yds. Started looking at bedding/tuning the rifle. Decided even though I hate AR gas system, the money I would spend on the Mini-14 could put together 1-2 ARs, that would be more accurate to begin with. I was right and I was wrong. I was right they were more acurate. They cost me so much money, because I caught the BRD! I lost count, nine builds in 3yrs? More builds planned!
There are only two seasons: Hunting season, and Getting Ready for Hunting season. -DAD
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Old 03-21-2011, 12:18 PM
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Re: BRD will get you.

NO S#@T Sherlock ! LOL. I feel the same way. I too have bolt guns that are just a place to hang a scope til I need it for a new upper. Latest buy is a great DPMS AR10 in 260 Rem. A friend has one and both will shoot under 1/2 inch all day at a 100. My 223 A.I. is good for ,I think, 500+ yds. for PD shootin; and the 20 TAC(driver)s I have are proven to 450. Next is a lighter 223 with 8 or 9 twist to shoot heavy bullets. And then it'll be some other choice ! I've got several lowers waiting in the wings ......yeah, I got the disease bad ! No known cure either, is it? Charles
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Old 03-21-2011, 06:42 PM
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Re: BRD will get you.

Yep, no kidding. It does sneak up on you. I shot many M16 guns in the Army back in the mid-late 80s., and they were ok. I bought a flattop JP Enterprises on a Colt NM lower back in 2000 and it is the second most accurate gun in my safe. The first is a custom 40x in 6PPC. Skip forward 5 years and I talked myself into a Rock River M4 type gun. I have only shot about 50 rounds through it but it's still fun. Guys at work did a group buy on stripped lowers so now I am looking at building a .300 Blackout. I am 95% committed to building it but I am starting to look at cans.

So which is worse, BRD or NFA disease?
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Old 03-21-2011, 07:07 PM
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Re: BRD will get you.

hntbambi, don't know what NFA stands for; but I think I know what you mean about cans ! I've got an order for a 17HMR upper that a can sure would be nice on. You got any positive results on what are good brands ? One more thing; in your search, did you find out wheather a can for say the 223 would work equyally well on a 22 rimfire? Or a 17 HMR ???Charles
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Old 03-24-2011, 01:13 PM
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Re: BRD will get you.

Attachment 150New Member that just stepped up from the "lurker" ranks. You guys even mentioned BRD and I couldn't stop myself from posting. It is incessant and tied with a healthy portion of OCD it's worse than cancer. I find myself "coming to" while driving home and there's another upper or something laying on the seat next to me! My left hand is now conspiring against me, if the eyes spy something blackish, it starts moving towards my wallet without my blessing or permission.

Woodnut, NFA usually refers to the National Firearms Act and the governance of Class III weapons, meaning you have to have a BATF approved form 4 before the dealer can let you leave with your new toy!

Now for a really bad mutation of BRD, get a can.....Canned BRD with no hearing protection. It's brilliant and again, can get expensive. My first one was M4 type for my good lady to whack coyotes at the house when I'm away at work. It got a Halo from Gem-tech. She didn't like my old prairie dog special 22-250, something about too noisy, but I really couldn't hear her.

Well that gun (M4) was too heavy with the Halo on it.....amazingly a BM Carbon-15 arrived on the scene at a whopping 3.8 lbs. She's now happy and I got the M4, which led to a 7.62x39 canned upper and a 24" fluted upper which led to DPMS LR-308, which is leading to a 450 BM upper (On sale at Cabelas for $550 complete, I just can't pass a price like that up!)

Now, the 7.62x39 barrel is being swapped for a 300 whisper. The old barrel won't stabilize the EBR 220 sub sonic ammo; so it's got to go. I have to admit the old russian ammo is cheap and great on hogs in tight. Dang it, I've just talked myself into a 300 whisper upper.

This disease is terrible

I also have a Gem-tech Outback II that splits time on my walter P22 and Her 10/22. The rim fire cans are much smaller/lighter because they don't have the volume of gas to trap as the centerfire rounds.

If you go for a centerfire can, that's alot of weight on the end of the barrel. It makes a handy rifle into a right b$#ch to hold on target, especially if you're waiting for something to clear brush for a good shot.

If you're serious about going suppressed, I really like SRT Arms gear. My last one was the integral suppressed camp 45 in the attached pic, I wish it had been my first one! Great gear, this camp 45 sounds like a brad air nailer when you send that 230grn hollowpoint downrange.

Anywho, I'm typing and I can't quit. Too much coffee again, sorry.

Down south in MS
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Old 03-24-2011, 01:36 PM
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Re: BRD will get you.

Southbreeze, that's quite a fine collection you have there ! I also love the elevated deer/coyote stand. We should all be so fortunate !
Yeah, this disease has a clone; it's the "can" disease ! I haven't come down with the symtoms; but I just know I got it. It's all my son's fault ! I got one for his 22 pistol , then put it on his 17hmr rifle, and a 22 AR upper. Really cool to hear the "click" on the 22s and then way down range is the big noise of impact! Especially water.
It's such a shame we have to pay a big excise tax to own them. Something about that just doesn't seem correct. Collected from the Treasury. Not BATFE. Go figure. I think someone ought to get a willing lawyer and sue for elimination of the unfair tax. Right?
You live in a great state; but too many things that bite, sting, and or itch for me to leave Va. for.
Oh, and 300 whisper; oh yeah.
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