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Crossbows - Good or Evil?

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Unread 04-30-2008, 10:25 AM
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I recall a wall poster from the 1970's that had a Middle Ages era description of a new terrible weapon. When you read about this new terrible weapon you were sure that they were describing the Atomic Bomb, but the last line revealed it to be the crossbow. It was considered a huge leap over the Long Bow!
IIRC, Richard the Lionheart was killed by a crossbow well out of archers range!


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Unread 01-22-2011, 10:09 AM
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Re: Crossbows - Good or Evil?

I've been hunting with a crossbow for 2 years, I hunted with a compound until I fell from a scaffold and tore my shoulder up. I have been ridiculed and railed by so called "archery purists" for using such a disgusting weapon. The same purists mind you whose compounds contain as much technology as the space shuttle, have shunned crossbow use. The same purists that don't see a problem with in-line blackpowder rifles in lieu of TRADITIONAL flintlocks. C'mon people, time to face the facts. We as hunters are a dying breed. If we don't stop being hypocrites against our own the children of the future will read about us in history books. I'm glad to hear more states are allowing crossbow use, if it gets more people back in the woods it's fine by me.
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Unread 01-23-2011, 10:59 AM
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Re: Crossbows - Good or Evil?

It sounds to me like the new PSE crossbow is well ahead of any compound on killing range. But it's still well behind even a shotgun with slugs. And many people due to size, age, injury, gender or whatever can't manage to draw a bow with enough power to kill effectively. So I have no problem with crossbows of any capability. Good hunting.
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Unread 02-04-2011, 01:31 PM
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Re: Crossbows - Good or Evil?

I have a Horton 175 pound crossbow, I am 73 years old and if it wasn't for the crossbow I wouldn't be able to hunt. I hunted with everytype of bow from a long bow to compounds and I enjoyed them all. I have heard all the crying and moaning about how much of an advantage it is to use a crossbow B.S You still have to know your yardage, Ever tyy to cock a CB from a tree stand, Ever tried to shoot a 2nd time as the Deer has pin pointed where the noise came from, Yes they are very noisy. Ever try to cock one when one has severe artiritis. Here in Delaware and Maryland they have legalized the CB for everyone the whole season. I would gladly give up th CB if I could hunt with a conventable bow. I feel what ever floats your boat, If it's legal then do it. My 2 cents Lou
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Unread 02-06-2011, 02:51 PM
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Re: Crossbows - Good or Evil?

Good answer. I have hunted the same with all legal weapons of my choice. But since age and treachery have taken it's toll on my young body of 60 years with 2 disc's removed 6 bolts 4 rods in my lower back, 4 pins left shoulder, 5 pins right shoulder, open heart 2 bypasses and left wrist broke twice and left knee 3x scoped! Just sold my compound this year always hoping but I moved on.

Had a medical pass for the last 5 years to use a crossbow so I too am now limited to a crossbow. Longest shot of the 6 bow kills this year was a Pa buck at 31 yards. It seems that age thing keeps you from making (trying) 50-60 yard shots 'cause if it's a little off you'll have a long track and I know I like to watch them fall over. Grim Reapers or Spitfires only.

Besides being retired we can afford to wait a another day for that closer shot or get 'em in rifle but then it's getting cold out. I like hunting in a T-shirt..
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Unread 08-05-2011, 12:21 AM
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Re: Crossbows - Good or Evil?

Originally Posted by Long Time Long Ranger View Post
I think most states allow crossbow hunting for handicapped individuals now. That is a good thing. I applaud that effort. For people who can shoot a regular bow they are much better off because it is a much more effective weapon if you learn how to shoot it. The crossbow is a miracle weapon only in the movies folks. Not in real life.

Standard Bow: Pros; More accurate, longer effective kill range, can tune bow for better retained velocities downrange, heavier and longer arrows for better penetration. Con; You have to draw on game without being seen.

Crossbow: Pro; No motion in shooting, don't have to draw. Con; Triggers are terrible on the ones I have seen and most people jerk the shot. Less accurate, shorter effective kill range, Can not tune most of them and arrows fly erratically costing accuracy and retained velocity, velocity loss in combination with short light arrows destroy penetrating power on tartets such as hogs and elk in particular.

This just kind of hits a couple high spots but in summary the crossbow is a handicapped weapon. The only reason I cringe when people use them in archery season who are not handicapped is because they all think this is some kind of miracle weapon Rambo uses and has awesome destructive power. When in fact it is a very limited weapon as is a standard bow. A good archer would be limiting himself by choosing a crossbow so I have no problem with them being used during archery season from that perspective.

That is a very good point about stabilizing them also. They do not balance out like a rifle and are more difficult to shoot in that respect. All but the top shooters jerk every shot. With a rifle it is less visible because the bullet exits the barrel in microseconds. With a crossbow it is a much different story. First, rifle manufactures have worked for years to reduce the time between trigger release and firing pin strike. You can time a crossbow with a stopwatch it is so slow. Put that trigger assembly on a few rifles and watch those groups jerk left or right. Now combine that with the time it takes for string release and the arrow to push all the way down that ramp and exit the crossbow. Got to be pretty good not to jerk a few with that baby.

Crossbows are not the dream weapon a lot of folks think. That is all I'm trying to say. thanks

WHAT????? Less accurate?? Shorter effective kill range???? OK I was a die hard bow hunter who truthfully never thought that I would use a crossbow,,,But let me explain a life lesson,,,if you become hurt/injured for the rest of your life like I did than you just may reconsider your options!! I did and bought a Desert Stryker... Now I'll get to the above comments,,,,First--Less Accurate...I do not know where you got that!!! In 30 yrs of shooting bows I Robin Hooded 1 time, and by the way I had a $5.00 bet on the shot that I could hit the nock...I did,,,bragging,,NO I would not double or nothing,,LOL , BUT the crossbow when I was trying it out I got it zeroed and then my 2nd shot was a Robin Hood at 40 yds,,,,I learned real fast ,,,only 1 shot per spot!!! Yes,,,it can hit a 3 inch circle EVERY Shot at 70+ yds,,,with a rest just as with a rifle,,,,shooting off hand of course a bow is more accurate, just as a good archer can out shot most riflemen "offhand" I won many a bet with my bow vs a handgun at the Police Range...Those guys just could not believe that I could out shot them at 30 yds,,,handgun vs bow...Did it every time!!In fact I always took my bow when we had to qualify,,just to get the rookies,,,

.Then the shorter effective kill range??? I sure don't get that!!! I mean I've killed several deer at 50 yds with my crossbow, with complete pass through every time!! How much more effective do you want??? I would not hesitate to shoot a deer at 70 yds with mine, if the shot was right,,,,No more than I would to shot a deer at 400 yds with my 7 Mag,,if the shot was right!!

the trigger issue that was brought up,,,WHAT??? My crossbow in fact did have an issue with the trigger and BowTech/Stryker promptly fixed the issue,,,My buddy has a Parker Cyclone which has a trigger pull to compare to any factory/ordinary rifle !! Then the stopwatch comment!!! Again WHAT!!! My Desert Stryker can hit a pie plate at 100yds in way less than a second,,,EVERY TIME!!! The trigger pull on a quality crossbow is remarkable, in fact no different than my Remington model 700's!!!! Now having said that you can get a NO NAME crossbow from Sportsman Guide and it may have such a trigger,,,just as you can buy a NO NAME rifle that ain't worth a flip!!!

Lessons to all this!!!!!! Don't knock it because like me you may one day be forced to pick up one in order to continue to enjoy the sport that you so love!!! and if WE fight amongst ourselves than the anti's are winning the war!!!!
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Unread 08-05-2011, 12:27 AM
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Re: Crossbows - Good or Evil?

Originally Posted by Long Time Long Ranger View Post
Just to make sure my point was understood. The argument of all the bowhunting clubs for years has been that the crossbow is just like shooting a rifle and the ultimate weapon because they did not want them used during archery seasons and felt it is unfair. I was trying to show that it has it's limitations also and I do not believe it is an unfair advantage and support use of the crossbow. I get to rambling and my point gets lost.

Ok I just found this post and it makes a little more sense to me what you wrote....xbows do have limitations but maybe not as bad as you said....But now I get your point,,,No offense meant!!! Hope none was taken!!

By the way when I started,,, South Carolina pasted xbow to be legal for all archery seasons...
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