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Tac15i accuracy and consistancy problems

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Unread 01-19-2012, 01:12 AM
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Re: Tac15i accuracy and consistancy problems

the fact of the matter is that temperature and altitude Do play a role in affecting the flight characteristics
Please re-read what I wrote. I did not say temperature and altitude don't play a role. Temperature and altitude do play a role, but the effects are external in the form of changes to air density causing more or less drag, resulting in how fast the projectile loses its initial velocity.

I will say that although I understand the merit behind your explanation as it applies to ballistics and bullet flight, it is in direct opposition of the common cause and effect beliefs in the field of archery as it applies to the flight of a hollow projectile.
Can you point to some articles/studies that demonstrate this common cause and effect of internal pressure changes on hollow projectiles (such as arrows)? My searches have turned up nothing.

Something to ponder: If competitive archers are being forced to change their aim point to compensate for changes to their arrows' internal pressure (the pressure differs from external); Why not drill needle sized holes in their knocks to keep the pressure constant and eliminate the need to change their aim point?
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Unread 01-19-2012, 02:49 AM
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Re: Tac15i accuracy and consistancy problems

Hi Okie,
My comment didn't suggest that you were stating anything to the contrary of what I was saying. It reinforced the fact that we were both in agreement about the fact that these two conditions have a definite affect on arrow flight. I'mjust not sure if the ballistics explanation necessarily applies to all forces affecting a hollow shaft?

Your explanation simply gives a deeper, more scientific explanation according to the ballistics calculators literature that you were referencing, for why it occurs. I'm sure when it comes to bullets this information is very accurate.

It might also be the same science behind why it occurs with arrow flight as well, but I don't know that for sure and as I stated, I've never tested or analyzed the cause to make that determination because it wasn't necessary to understand that it occurs and what steps are needed to correct for it.

You asked "Why don't professional archers just drill small holes in the back of their nocks to release any heat pressure from building up"? Two basic reasons; one is the fact that any archer's who spends much time shooting outdoor competitions would know through word of mouth that before you start a competition you always warm up at the practice butts to verify your sight settings for the days shoot, any initial deviations are adjusted for at this point. If changes in temperature take place during the days shoot, it's common knowledge by all experienced archers on how to apply a one or two click micro-adjustment to ones elevation settings to compensate for these changes as distances increase.

The second reason is that drilling any type of whole in the back end of a nock would weaken the structural integrity of the nock. When shooting short distance targets in competition a competitor always faces having his or her arrows packed very tightly together. Nock end collisions are a very regular occurrence regardless if it's you hitting your own nocks or another competitor slamming your arrows. Anything that might weaken the nock end would only cause more destruction of your equipment. It's therefore much easier to deal with a micro-adjustment on ones sight than it is to deal with the replacement or repair to very expensive arrows that require many hours of work to create a matched balanced set.

To my knowledge I'm not aware if this information is being published in any literature, but there are dozens of books on the market that talk about many different aspects of archery and I haven't read a fraction of them, so I can't say for sure.

A great deal of the information that we publish and discuss on these forums is not written anywhere else until we document it, so the fact that it's not a previously written topic about the cause and affect doesn't say anything about the validity of information.

My last comment on this subject deals with the published information available in general through the archery world. There is an unbelievable amount of information about archery technique's and tricks of the trade that has never made it to print and never will. This is because many top shooters have little tricks of the trade that give them a significant edge over their competition. Do you really think they're interested in sharing this information with anybody else?
If so, think again. The top shooters are all money shooters and their sponsors are using their winning track records to sell bows and everything else that makes up the archery world.

What you see, hear or read about is a very small part of what actually goes on behind the scenes in the competition world of archery.


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