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Crossbow concerns

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Unread 03-31-2012, 10:37 AM
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Crossbow concerns

I am having trouble buying my first crossbow it will be a Scorpyd, tac 15, or the new Horton fury. I want something extremely accurate, fast, and something capable of punching paper out to a 100 yards. I know this is the section for the tac 15 but I was not finding a comparison on this site between these bows. I have to switch to a x-bow because I was a firefighter who got hurt and I now have a titanium back. The doc said no more compound shooting, but no way am I giving up bow hunting. I heard the pse can group well at a hundred but I also keep reading of problems. I want the best and with lots of practice would love to take game out to 50-60 yards. Thanks for all the help and sorry if this was the wrong section. Any advice would be great even if it is a completely different bow.
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Unread 04-01-2012, 01:26 PM
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Re: Crossbow concerns

I don't have person experience with all of the bows you mention.
I bought a Tac15 in December.
It is amazingly accurate, flat shooting, and powerful.
It is also long and heavy. IMHO, it is best suited to shooting from a tree stand with rail or a ground blind with a rest.

It can be unloaded without shooting it, and you can replace the strings and cables without a bow press. There are tons of AR accessories available.

I can't comment on the others.
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Unread 04-01-2012, 06:59 PM
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Re: Crossbow concerns

I sell and use a TAC 15i crossbow. I can afford to use any crossbow I want, whether it helps me sell TAC's or not.

I have hunted with it from every possible setup imaginable. Big blind, small blind, tree stand, prone bipod, seated bipod, etc. I never once found its size or length was an issue. I have killed deer at 72 and 86 yards with it. I will be hunting the Big Horn Mountains again this fall for mule deer.

PSE says that I am the largest TAC dealer in their system. As such we service more bows than anyone else. We do an outstanding job at it, by the way.

We also on this forum see more discussion of TAC's than on other website. As with any other product made, when an owner has a problem he is 100 times more vocal than the owners who have no problems.

In my professional opinion, the statistically small number of problems with the hundreds that I have sold are not unusual compared to any of the other of today's high tech crossbows.

If you buy a TAC the odds are very, very high that you'll be thrilled you made the right decision.
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Unread 04-05-2012, 01:49 AM
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Re: Crossbow concerns

Hi Tommyc279,
If you've spent any major time reading or searching crossbow sights, you've probably come across any number of my articles on the topic, so I'm fairly well versed on the subject.

I don't usually make crossbow make and model suggestions to people because it boils down to what their individual requirements might be, but you've done a good job of stating yours up front, so I'm going to make an exception to my general rule and give you some honest advice.

First off, you won't see any comparisons comparing the TAC15's to any other other crossbow because no other crossbow manufactured is designed to be able to shoot accurately over 50 or 60 yards max. With a PSE TAC15/15i it's difficult and sometimes impossible to shoot more than a single arrow at the same spot on a target at less than 50 or 60 yards without damaging any arrow that's already in the target.

In opposition of this fact, most other manufacturers will state that taking shots over 40 or 50 yards is unethical. We both know that longer shots are not always unethical unless you can't hit what your aiming at consistently at these distances.

With recent modifications to the TAC15i, we've also now been able to easily silence down the TAC15i's so they are almost totally silent when shooting. In case nobody has ever told you just how loud a crossbow is when it goes off, I'd recommend that you go test a few for yourself and you'd be quite shocked at what you hear. So to say that a PSE TAC15i or TAC15 can operate in total silence so that an animal at 20 yards couldn't hear it even if the shooter missed is saying a mouthful.

Last, we've learned through a great deal of experience over the last two years, just how important it is when it comes to who you buy your crossbow from. Most dealers are exactly that, they're just sales people who really have very little know detailed knowledge about the products they sell and have a very limited ability to supply parts or after market accessories.

Both Len and his son Andy that operate this website have an extensive detailed knowledge not only about the crossbows themselves, but also all of the modifications and customizations available for these crossbows. Between the fact they stock all replacement components and their pricing, I can't recommend a better deal anywhere in this country, but by all means search for yourself.

Last, there are so few people that have owned and tuned multiple brands of crossbows or are qualified to explain their true limitations and short comings, I would highly recommend being careful about what you hear. The TAC15i only has three total weaknesses. They are as follows: Price - you get what you pay for, so with a TAC15 it costs more because you are getting things not available by anyone else on the planet. Length - The TAC15 is a couple of inches longer than many other crossbows because it uses a longer power stroke to develop incredible velocity which transfers into Kinetic Energy for taking down big animals at long distances. Weight - at 8.5 pounds it's not as light as an all carbon framed crossbow, so it's probably 1 or 2 pounds heavier than the lightest crossbows out today. Since most shooters use a trigger stick stick or a Steady Eddie to support their crossbows it's not really a major factor.

As far as durability, I have over 3,000 shots on mine with no breakdowns or problems. Let's see the competition talk about that and compare!!!

Good luck with your selection process and i hoe this helps you understand why you won't find comparisons by other manufacturers.

I'm not sure what type of hunting you have in mind, but if you can imagine sitting in a treestand located on the edge of a farm field and watching deer at 75 to 100 yards, there's only one clear simple choice of what to use and I'd like to have the guy who says it's not an ethical shot standing nearby watching me as he's eating his words!


Jon Henry
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Unread 04-05-2012, 12:54 PM
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Re: Crossbow concerns

Thank you Jon, you just made up my mind. I will be buying it through the site. Thanks for the advice.
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Unread 04-05-2012, 05:30 PM
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Re: Crossbow concerns

Hi Tommyc729,
If you have any further questions or need any assistance once you purchase your crossbow the members of this forum are quite knowledgable and very friendly. We've written a great deal of documented information that will help any TAC owner with everything from set up and tuning to complete modifications.

Just jump on and post your questions! You're sure to get great advice. They're a great group of people and really go all out to provide the best guidance anybody could ever need.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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