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Which broadhead for Tac15?

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Old 09-04-2012, 08:47 AM
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Which broadhead for Tac15?

I bought some Phat Head 100's as per suggested, but they don't hit where my field-points hit... even though I paper tuned the bow. They are off about 1.5-inches (at 10-oclock) at 20 yards. That's a huge error given that I'm planning to go out to 50 yards, at-least.

I use Rocket Steelhead XL 100gr broadheads with my vertical bow and so I wired some shut, added healthly amounts of superglue for good measure, and tried them at with the Tac15.

Results have been mixed. At the archery range I was getting fine groups out to 80 yards and even 8-ringed the elk at 125 yards with these home-made practice-heads. Later, at home, the practice head groups opened up to about 2-inches at 30 yards, and given that I'm used to 1-hole groups at that range with field-points, it gives me pause.

Last year I shot three of the Steelhead XL's through deer, and on one occasion had a blade come off in a deer. All deer died in seconds, so I can't really complain too much. But.... I'm wondering if 400 fps is a little fast for the Steelhead XL? Anyone know what they are rated to? I use 2 O-rings to keep the blades shut, so-far-so-good, the hits on deer have all been right where I expected.

Would anyone else share their Tac15 broadhead experiences?
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Old 09-04-2012, 03:15 PM
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Re: Which broadhead for Tac15?

I too had trouble grouping the Phat heads. I ended up with the G5 Montec broadheads. They have been grouping well for me.
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Old 09-06-2012, 02:51 PM
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Re: Which broadhead for Tac15?

Try Montec T3 mechanical. Had to research shoot some before I worked out the bugs. Now they fly just like my field points. The key is to bend the little spider collars tight to the blades. The Tac 15 has so much kinetic power, that in flight they could open up if not secured by the spider collars that come with the broad heads. I have been shooting this bow since 8-2-10 and have two kills on whitetails at over 90 yards and multible kills from 25-75 yds. I was in a blind with suitable rest as a bench would provide. I don't recommend over 70 yd shots unless your in tune with your bow. I am now trying to keep my kills within the 70 yd range, due to there being more consistancy with my shooting there. The T3's will work fine as long as you use the spider collars provided and snug them up against the blades, they will open on impact with the Tac 15.
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Old 09-06-2012, 05:06 PM
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Re: Which broadhead for Tac15?

Hi TwangerLet me firstly thank you for your constructive posts and info provided.
I bought a Tac approximately 3 months ago after injuring my rotator cup during an archery competition and receiving medical advice to lay of for 8 months.
The journey to get this Xbox going was quite something. I had previously helped my 8 year old son with his Bowtech Stryker which was a breeze and it shoots accurately up to 50 yards
I found the Tac however very high maintenance and it gave me quite some scares when I had 2 Accidental discharges with it shortly after purchasing it. These were due to an off center loop causing the drawing block to twist and " slip " out of the rail releasing the arrow. Once I tiller tune an followed the valuable advise on this forum I have managed to tune and fix it. I fitted a Timmy trigger and hha . The hha offset caused a problem in that my scope maxed out to the right and I had to skim the hha to hit the x's.

Your advice to trigger the safety with your finger is a great hint.

I have recently spend some time looking for the perfect broad head solution for the Tac.
I paper checked all mechanicals and fixed broad heads I could lay my hands on.
I am also a Steelhead fan but found that as with Nap's Strike zone, maxes, rage std 2 and 3 blad, Rage Xbox Grim reapers, Montec and a number of other mechanicals, I found that all opened prematurely due to the Tac' s speed. The only standard head that did not open was the Rocket meat seeker 1.5 and 2 inch 3 bladers.

Fixed blades remained a issue compared to field points and I agree that the phat head is not the answer nor is the Muzzy, Blood runners, Montec etc in fact the only field point accurate broad head (fixed) was the 4 blade 1 inch slick trick.

As a South African I have had the pleasure of hunting this past weekend and between my boy and me ended up with a Blue Wildebeest, several Impala's and some warthogs. All these were shot at distances between 30 and 55 yards and using the meat seekers 2 inches we recovered our game in under 70 yards The meat damage was acceptable and I can strongly recommend it as a standard broad head.

I find fixed heads to unstable at the speed of the Tac yet at the same time we have to test mechanicals before using it to ensure its effectiveness.

Good hunting and keep us posted if you find a workable solution.

Stegmann Fourie
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Old 09-06-2012, 05:39 PM
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Re: Which broadhead for Tac15?

Thanks Steg - thanks for the advice.
I will buy some of the 3-blade 2-inch Meat Seekers and try them.

I've only killed 3 deer with the Tac15 and the Steelhead XL, and they seemed to fly true. I may burn 3 heads and see if the blades pre-deploy, just to be sure. $10 down the drain, but worth it to know for sure.

I use these with my vertical compound bow so I'd really like to stick with them, but I also do like to tinker!

Oh... I can't take credit for the trick of cocking the trigger with your finger so you can put on the safety.
I believe I learned it from someone here. Probably Jon. :-)
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Old 09-07-2012, 08:42 PM
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Re: Which broadhead for Tac15?

The deer Gods smiled kindly on us this morning, Maryland's opener, and my good buddy Bill and I laid a few down. He with his compound and me with the Tac15 crossbow.
The three I killed will go to families in need, if I can arrange the transfer, and the hearts and livers will feed a friend's dog that is allergic to chicken and beef protein.

So the details ... Crossbow is Tac15i with Timney Trigger upgrade and HHA Speed Dial. Shooting standard 4-fletch bowtie fletched arrows with Rocket Steelhead XL 100gr 1.5-inch cut. I use 2 O-rings to hold the blades closed during launch vs. the standard single ring.
The shots were at 14, 16, and 25 yards, and the deer ran 40, 60, and 100 yards.
The longest run was poorest hit - early season jitters and rushing the shot had the arrow hit a little far back. I settled down for the next two. As far as I could tell the broadheads hit where they were aimed.

I must say that this crossbow shoots like a lightening bolt. Inside 25 yards they have no chance to move before the arrow arrives.

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Old 09-08-2012, 06:42 PM
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Re: Which broadhead for Tac15?

well done and good shootingI will give the steelheads a run

Pls help Is the drop away rest set up worth the upgrade?

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