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GPS-which models?

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Unread 11-24-2009, 12:21 PM
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Re: GPS-which models?

Forester, basically, if you export data out of ArcMap as shape files and have an app like MapWel, you can then create maps to import into the Garmin.

dumbear, I wish I wish I wish I had known about the new Delorme PN-40. Damn! I just replaced a Garmin 60CSx that I lost last summer and had no idea there's a GPS with buttons (instead of a touch screen) that supports aerial imagery. Looks like with their extensions for ArcGIS, I could do everything I want with a GPS. Now I gotta dump a brand new 60CSx at a loss. Geo-geeks, check out Earthmate PN-40 with ESRI Extension Software - DeLorme
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Unread 01-09-2010, 08:48 PM
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Re: GPS-which models?

Originally Posted by Forester View Post
I think the Garmin units also have a feature that allows you to point the GPS at a distant location, and input a range. Thus giving you a waypoint at the other end. Could be pretty useful if you need to find game that is down on the other side of a valley.
Roger that - I have used a 60 in just this manner - shot was about 400 yards, but I had to walk about a mile and a half to get over there. I ranged the animal with a laser, then pointed the the gps at the animal. Presto - direction + distance = way point. I then told the gps to set a "go to". After walking around through a draw and up the other side, it navigated me to with in about 10 yards of the white tail.

In the bad old days, I would have probably tied a hanky to a tree on the other side and started looking when I got there.
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Unread 01-09-2010, 08:59 PM
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Re: GPS-which models?

Please tell us how the Oregon 300 worked for you. I'm thinking about getting one for next year and installing the "Public Land" SD card. Also where did you get your Public Land mapping disc?
The Garmin 300 worked out perfectly. I love it. And I got my Public Land GPS Hunting map right here at the Long Range Hunting Gear Shop.

We now have WY, MT, CO, ID, UT. There is a $20 off special in January on the brand new CO offering.
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Unread 01-10-2010, 04:11 PM
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Re: GPS-which models?

Well gentleman, after reading all the info on the Garmin 60csx I went out and bought one. It will be great for a remote fishing adventure & my hunting.Thanks for your opinions. Dskiper
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Unread 01-10-2010, 05:14 PM
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Re: GPS-which models?

Has anyone tried or know someone who has tried the Garmin Colorado 400t?

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Unread 01-12-2010, 03:54 PM
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Re: GPS-which models?

I have two of the Garmin 530's Rhino, they are bullet proof!.. If you can swing it, go 530. Oh yeah, remember to take a good; Military Lensatic Compass and map along with you
Murphy Law; and he said; O' Reilly was a optimist.
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Unread 01-17-2010, 04:26 PM
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GPS-which models? by Dskiper

I read your post about which GPS to purchase. Let me give you my opinion. As all of the other members advised, there are many brands and models to chose from.
In my experience, there are times when depending solely on a GPS for navigation will get you into big trouble.

I always carry a GPS, topographic map, and at least one compass. Here in some of the swamps of Virginia (and eastern North Carolina), a GPS unit will often lose it's satellite signal, under thick foliage. A quality GPS, piggy-backed with map and compass, has it's capabilities enhanced many times more than either device used by itself.

Personally, I use just a simple Garmin eTrex Legend, available for as little as $114 from J & H Marine Electronics....................................... .................

Garmin eTrex Legend H GPS 010-00779-00

Radio Shack sells them for $149.

Already loaded with basic maps, and all of the marine navaids in the USA, I use mine in the swamps, and in my boat.

In my opinion, using a handheld GPS, with a ancillary electronic mapping program, really opens up navigation to those of us that spend a lot of time in the woods. In particular, I use MyTopo mapping DVD's for West Virginia, North Carolina, and Virginia, and cannot speak too highly of the versatility and ease of use these programs offer.

A. Print custom 8-12 X 11 topographic maps.

B. Print to any scale; even customize to match your pace count.
(e.g., one inch = 60 paces = 100 yards.)

C. Print in any system you want; D, M, S........UTM......MGRS.

D. With your GPS TRACK feature turned ON, walk a long, meandering game
trail for several hours. Save that track (the game trail), then load it directly
onto your map program. There it is..............the game trail, drawn accurately
on your topographic map.

E. Transfer stand locations to your map, from GPS MARK's.

F. Use the GPS TRACK feature to ride all of the new dirt roads in your hunt area,
and transfer the track, to "draw" these new roads on your map.

G. If you run a hunt club, print off custom maps of the hunt area for all the
other members of your club, showing stand locations, safety zones,
no-shoot areas, locations of groundhog holes, etcetera.

H. The handy size allows you to store the maps in a Ziploc bag, and carry
easily under your shirt, leaving your hands free, until you need the map.

There are many, many different way that electronic map programs will vastly improve your time outdoors. I do not sell, or work for MyTopo. I have used DeLorme, Map Tech, and now, MyTopo (used to be Map Tech), and can say they sell a superior product.

If any of you want to brush up on your navigation skills, or see some examples of customized maps, I live between Suffolk and Petersburg, Virginia. If you can get here, I'd be glad to help you out.

You can contact me at jbboatguy@gmail.com

Spammers or salesmen need not bother E-mailing me.
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