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View Poll Results: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?
0 to 50 YDS 56 17.55%
51 to 100 YDS 82 25.71%
101 to 150 YDS 77 24.14%
151 to 200 YDS 47 14.73%
201 to 250 YDS 35 10.97%
Over 250 YDS 22 6.90%
Voters: 319. You may not vote on this poll


What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

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Unread 05-14-2009, 07:48 AM
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

Opps, I clicked on 51-100, then I remembered my 150 yard shot. I was all of 12 years old, it was my first year shotgun deer hunting. I had hunted deer a couple years before that with a muzzel stuffer with no luck. Managed to kill a nice branch once with the stuffer but no deer. So anyway I had managed to get my first deer early that morning. Shot a little button buck at about 40 yards. When I shot he turned and ran towards me. Dad told me keep shooting if its still on its feet, so when he went buy me at about 10 yards full steam ahead, I gave him another. He went down about 20 yards later. After Dad explained how to field dress him to me, we looked at the bullet holes. Both shots were right through the lungs! Wowho!!!

So later tha evening I was in a different stand in a fence row looking out over a big field. And this awsome buck came walking out of the timber. The wind was blowing from him towards me and so hard my tree was waving back and forth. I shot at him about 75 yards away, and he just walked away. Not knowing if I hit him or not I waited until he stopped and picked a point when my stand wasn't moving all over the place, and gave him another. That time he took of like a scalded dog! I marked the spot in the field, and when Dad got to me I instructed him over to where I shot the second time. He didn't believe me as it was approx 150-160 yards. But the blood told the story. We tracked that sucker well over a mile, and didn't find him until a couple weeks later, about 50 yards from where we quit.

It was completely luck, and a shot that I wouldn't take again, but at the time and being 12, I thought if I just wounded him with the first shot I better try again. Ended up I hit him perfectly up and down just back a little too far. The thing was a big 8 point with an extra sticker making him a 9, scored right at 150 which is a huge 8 point for me!

16 years later I still get excited shooting any deer, wether a doe little pocket buck or nice big boy! Got my second deer with my S&W 629 44 mag this year. I've opted out of carrying that shotgun and switched to the revolver kinda changes the game that way. Also killed a coyote with it free hand no rest at 50 yards! Oh what fun it is to play!
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Unread 05-14-2009, 08:13 AM
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

Zippity Zero. I have never been able to hit one.
The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
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Unread 05-14-2009, 01:50 PM
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

I did the vote thing too and accidently hit the wrong button..
I shot a decent 8 point whitetail at a lasered 238 yds, nocked him down on the spot to which he then got up and took off running...we tracked him for about 400 yds and found him dead about 6 hrs later cause we let him set to not run him off.
I do not recommend shooting at this distance with a sluggun however.
I got lucky cause I have seen deer shot at shorter distances and get away.
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Unread 05-24-2009, 06:46 PM
WRG WRG is offline
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

210 yards using Hornady SST 2 3/4" sabot zeroed at 150 yards in my Mossberg with a rifled surpresser barrel and a Bushnell Red Dot. Held dot on top of spine inline with boiler room and WAHHLAAM. Took a nose dive then he got up and dropped 10 yards from were he was first hit. A direct hit taking out both lungs a part of the heart. At first sight I thought it was a good 6 pointer but turned out being a real tall fork horn. Ripped off! He never grew brough tines! 136 pounds dressed. Gotta love those SST's!

NRA life Member

US Army 79 - 85, 368th Combat Battalion, Sarget Spec-5, Combat Engineer

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Unread 07-21-2009, 04:11 PM
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: south central Indiana
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

178 yrds. w/ 870 Wingmaster canterlever scope mt., and 3-9 Leopold ,Hornady SST's ,Nikon Rangefinder off an elevated ground blind. Held top of back 2" behind shoulder and hit4'' above belly directly behind frt. leg. 149" 10 pt. jumped and kicked in the air, ran in a 20 ft. circle and dropped.Wide open coal reclaimed ground. Painted a neat red circle.
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Unread 08-08-2009, 10:08 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

135 yards shooting an 870 with a fully rifled barrel, 385 gr Win partition gold 2 3/4 in shells, topped off with a Nikon Monarch 1.5-4.5 x 20 scope. Very accurate combo. Sighted in 3 high at 100 it should hit 3 low at 200. Used to shoot a smooth-bore barrel on the 870 with original Brennekes. The longest kill was 119 paces. This was also a very accurate combo. I could lay them in a 6 in bull at a 100 yds with open sights.
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Unread 08-31-2009, 11:46 PM
dwm dwm is offline
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Re: What Is Your Longest Shotgun Slug Big Game Kill?

Threw some lead out of the Ithaca 12 gauge pump w/slug barrel and iron sights as a teanager. Man did that featherlight kick! Might have been nice to have a recoil pad.

For some reason the deer were sparse in those days in southern Minnesota. Or maybe my deer chasing red bone/bluetick coon hound ran them off when we were coon hunting. He loved to chase anything that would run away from him. The faster they ran the better. (I diverge ...)

Got a nice 8 point on the run across the ravine one year. My dad and uncle were impressed.

That slug barrel worked great on grouse too as long as you didn't let them get too far away.

I really liked the bottom ejection of the Ithaca pump, thought that was real neat ...

Always wanted a centerfire rifle with a scope in those days, but we were in a shotgun only county. I did have a great time with the 22 mag though.
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