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Coyote Hunting Articles -1
Coyote Hunting, Predatorial Series #1 - "Basic Behavior"
By Greg Ballard

At the end of his light beam were two big eyes glowing... Read More
Coyote Hunting Predatorial Series #2-Calls Of The Wild
By Greg Ballard

We will be exploiting the absolute need of the coyote to eat... Read More
Coyote Hunting Predatorial Series #3 - Coyote In The Crosshairs
By Greg Ballard

The pieces of equipment that we will use to shoot more coyotes... Read More
Scouting = Coyote Hunting Success
By Heath Baker

The orchestra of coyote yips seemed to come from nearly every direction. Read More
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How To Make A Coyote Laugh
By Jim See

My first and biggest fail in the coyote fields. Read More
Fur Loads
By Tim Titus

How to cleanly harvest predators with a minimum of pelt damage. Read More
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Pass Shooting Coyotes
By Ty Pelfrey

The coyote pass shooting formula is successful and simple... Read More
Coyote Hunting Gear
By Tim Titus

If you like to have the best tools for a given job, your list of coyote gear will always be evolving... Read More
Multiple Coyote Calling
By Albert Pilling

This is how I kill multiple coyotes on a relatively frequent basis... Read More
Easy Feed Coyote Hunting
By Eric B.

Anywhere that there is easy feed there will likely be predators... Read More
Coyote Hunting Wind Myths
By Ted Haynes

The gun went off. Suddenly there was a coyote spinning on the ice... Read More
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Coyote Micro Stands
By Tim Titus

More and more, I find myself picking out smaller, more specific places for coyote hunting... Read More
Coyote Calling--The Setup
By Tim Titus

Set up according to the hand dealt you and make the most of your opportunity... Read More
Calling Coyotes--Sealing The Deal
By Tim Titus

There are things a hunter can do to shorten the learning curve... Read More
Calling Coyotes: The Approach
By Tim Titus

If you're serious about calling coyotes, get serious about your approach... Read More
A Coyote Hunting Misadventure
By Troy Adams

I should have known things might go haywire after I ran over a black cat... Read More
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Coyote Hunting Articles - 2
5,000 Coyotes - Experience To Help You Learn At Predator University
By Len Backus

Read More
The Skull As A Trophy
By Troy Adams

Having a skull professionally cleaned for display is a very economical alternative... Read More
M2D Camouflage Gear Review
By Troy Adams

An excellent camo pattern to blend in with prairie grass or CRP fields...Read More
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Songdog Fever -- Coyote Hunting
By Allen Jones

I shot my first coyote at an altitude of 10,000 feet... Read More
Teaching An Old Dog New Coyote Hunting tricks
By Justin Shireman

As we stood up, there was a nice young coyote 40 yards behind us... Read More
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How To Camouflage Paint Your Rifle
By Greg Ballard

How to camouflage paint your rifle for your predator hunting... Read More
Coyote Calling In The Wind - Bring It On
By Justin Shireman

Add a little wind, and your coyote calling results change dramatically... Read More
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Extreme Weather Coyotes
By Mark Brendemuehl

I touched off one more shot and took him off his feet and onto his back... Read More
Long Range Coyote Hunting With Short Range Rifles
By Joseph Smith

Some mental tools that will improve your chances of a clean kill... Read More
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