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Wyoming Buck 'N Bull
I immediately bugled and the bull stopped and turned to look down the ridge. I could now see the bull. Kayden had the peace of mind to load another arrow and take another shot, this time at 45 yards, and again, catching both lungs and a complete pass through. The bull exploded and ran 15 yards before he piled up next to some trees. I heard Kayden holler and I moved up to his location.

Wyoming Buck 'N Bull

He said that he was able to get two arrows in him and that he died just up above him. He said that it was the most awesome thing that he has ever done. It just doesn’t get any better than seeing the excitement and joy in your kid(s) when they have just harvested an animal, especially his first one with a bow. We took just a couple of pictures because the batteries went dead after just two pictures, so we weren’t really able to set the bull up for some good pictures. One of the pictures that we retrieved off of the trail cam was the bull that Kayden shot. We kind of consider it “before and after” photograph. We made quick work of the quartering and Kayden hiked up to where the horses were tied up and brought them down to the bottom so we could load up our old reliable mare, Rhonda, with the meat and antlers. Then it was an hour and half ride out in the dark to the truck.

Once we hit cell service on our way home, it was awesome to hear Kayden tell his mother about his hunt. To hear the excitement in his voice as he was relaying this story to her brought a smile to my lips. To say she was excited was an understatement.

Wyoming Buck 'N Bull

Being able to hunt is awesome. Being able to hunt with your son, fantastic. Being able to help him harvest his first animal with a bow, PRICELESS. Spending this time with my son will be a memory that I will be able to take with me forever, and hopefully he will too.

To bring this story to a close, the goal that I mentioned at the beginning of the story: “Mission accomplished”.

Tom’s Equipment:
Hoyt “Maxxis” 30”72#
Easton ACC arrows
Slick Trick 100 grain Broad-heads
Nikon 550 Rangefinder
Leopold 10X42 Binoculars
Danner Boots
S4 Binocular strap
Scott Release
Rip Cord arrow rest
Under Armour Base layer shirt
Mossy Oak Seclusion 3D camo
Hoochie mama call
Badlands Pack

Kayden’s Equipment:
Bear “Lights Out” 29” 60#
Beeman arrows
100 Grain “Wac Em” Broadhead
Nikon 550 Rangefinder
Danner Boots
Scott Release
Nikon Trail Blazer 8X42 binos.
Primos Elk Diaphram
Primos “Hoochie Mama” call
Whisker Biscuit rest

Tom Hall is 46 years old, a retired police officer and a high school teacher. Tom has been hunting since he was 10 years old, and has been archery hunting since he was 18 years old. Tom is married to wife Shirley and has three children: daughters Ashley (17) and Janice (11), and son Kayden (15).

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