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The 6.5 Guys (Steve Lawrence, Ed Mobley)
6.5 Guys chronicles the journey of two middle aged men (Ed Mobley, Steve Lawrence) in the Pacific Northwest as we strive for excellence in our chosen sport of precision long range shooting. While working our day jobs and providing for our families, we want to see how far we can take our pursuit with a bit of concerted effort. So far the results have been very promising. While shooting well is icing on the cake, it’s the journey and the people we meet along the way that are the best part of the adventure. We believe that we are providing something unique as we take our audience along for the ride. You will observe first hand as we figure out what works and doesn’t work for us. Hopefully you can apply our experiences to something that you are trying to achieve in life, be it shooting or something else. That’s why we came up with the tag line “Life is an adventure…stay on target.” In other words, set a goal, remain focused, and enjoy yourself along the way. 6.5 GuysTroy Adams
An avid big game hunter, Troy Adams has been hunting big game for nearly 30 years. Combining hunting and photography has helped him preserve many great memories. When not hunting, photographing, writing, or spending time with his family, Troy is usually found working on his wildlife art drawings.

Andy Backus

Andy Backus is a husband and father of two little girls. He grew up hunting whitetail deer in Wisconsin with gun and bow and over the years has been fortunate to hunt and explore most of the Western US states and Alaska. He plays soccer to stay in shape and also enjoys most other sports and outdoor activities. Andy is the Field Editor for Long Range Hunting Online Magazine and also manages the Long Range Hunting Store.

Len Backus
Len is the owner of www.LongRangeHunting.com. He has been a long range hunter since the 90's and is as likely to bag his game with a camera as with a rifle or a specialty handgun. His outdoor photography can be seen at LenBackus.com

Heath Baker
Heath Baker's biggest passion is predator hunting, and he would do it every day if he could. He reloads all of his own ammunition and loves to tinker with guns of all shapes and sizes. Heath is working towards his degree in Administrative Social Work. He is originally from Nevada, Missouri, a small town in southwest Missouri consisting of about 8500 people. Heath loves to write, and has taken creative writing courses in college.

Greg Ballard
Greg Ballard resides in Arkansas where he is a computer programmer building automated stock market trading systems and stock market trading software tools. He is an avid outdoorsman who has been hunting since he was big enough to walk and has been doing so primarily as a bowhunter for the past 25 years. He is on the Pro Field Staff for PSE Archery and the Pro Staff for Grim Reaper Broadheads. Greg hunts a wide variety of game, but one of his most favorite things to hunt is predators. He has recently formed and is President of the Arkansas Predator Hunters Association.

Lucas Beitner
Lucas has been hunting big game since age 10. He mostly enjoys backpacking into the high country for black tails and mule deer in the Cascade Mountains. Lucas spends much of the off season scouting and hiking. He also enjoys competing in practical/tactical long range shooting matches.

Ernie Bishop
Ernie resides in Gillette, Wyoming, where he serves as a preacher. He enjoys long range hunting for varmints and big game with handguns. Ernie also uses his specialty handguns in tactical style matches and in 1,000 yard competitions once or twice a year.

Mark Brendemuehl
Mark Brendemuehl is a freelance writer and photographer from Minnesota. He is a member of the Avery Outdoors Pro-Staff, Team Eukanuba, and the Tri-Tronics Pro-Hunt club. When not chasing birds with a shotgun and a camera, you will find him chasing predators with a rifle.

Ward Brien
Ward Brien is a US Army Veteran, owner of Sniper Tools Design Co., LLC and the inventor of the "Angle Co-Sine Indicator," which is sold and under contract to different branches of the US military, British military and others. Located in the top of the Colorado Rockies, Ward also instructs a specialized three day Precision Shooting 1 course to hunters and has trained military and other government agencies.

Jim Brown
Jim is a semi-retired landscape contractor and former naval petty officer. He has been reloading, shooting and hunting out west for 35 years. He competes in benchrest and f-class. Jim also has been making custom forged and stock removal knives for 15 years with some featured in knife magazines.

"brown dog"
In terms of British Deer Management Qualifications 'Brown Dog' holds both DMQs 1 and 2 and is an Accredited Witness. He has also passed the British Deer Society Deer Management Course. He has served for over 17 years in the British Armed Forces.

Jeff Brozovich
Jeff Brozovich is a long time big game hunter who has become proficient at long range hunting, shooting and training. He also has a passion for ELR and is often stretching the distances well over 2000 yards. If Jeff is not out shooting you will often find him in his reloading room setting up a long range rifle, fine tuning a precision load or testing bullets. Jeff enjoys hunting with family and friends as well as riding horses in the beautiful mountains of Montana.

Clint Bryant
Clint Bryant was born and raised in Southwest Wyoming where he now resides with his wife and two young boys. Aside from God and family, hunting and shooting have always played an important role in his life. His passion is long range shooting and anything related, from helping in his dad’s custom rifle shop, to hunting and reloading or just time trigger time at the range.

Glenn Burroughs

Glenn Burroughs is a retired computer systems manager with a lifelong love of guns. His main areas of interest are accurate rifles, wildcat cartridges, reloading and bench shooting. He also enjoys an occasional trip out west to the prairie dog country. Glenn was a columnist for Precision Shooting magazine and also wrote articles for Varmint Hunter magazine. He resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Matthew Cameron

Matthew Cameron is a retired Australian Airline Pilot who flew domestically within Australia and Internationally out of Southeast Asia. Interested in long range varminting and pig shooting for many years, he reloads for a variety of calibres and has written articles on reloading and associated subjects since the early 1990's, published in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. In the last few years he has enjoyed bench rest shooting and gliding when not reloading or writing.

Shawn Carlock

Shawn Carlock is a veteran law enforcement sniper and the current USPSA national precision rifle champion. He runs his business building custom rifles, producing shooting and hunting videos and conducting precision rifle training for civilian and law enforcement interests.

Paul C. Carter

Paul C. Carter is a big-game hunter and author who resides in Massachusetts. He has hunted game across North America, taking numerous animals, many with a muzzle-loading rifle. He especially enjoys hunting sheep and whitetail deer. Paul has two Grand Slams of North American wild sheep to his credit, one of which was taken with his iron-sighted muzzleloader. He’s also written two books: Tracking Whitetails: Answers to Your Questions and Great Shot! A Guide to Acquiring Shooting Skills for Big-Game Hunters.

Bryan Chatwell

Bryan Chatwell is a Firefighter Paramedic in west Texas and a father of two incredible children. Long range hunting is something he enjoys, as is shooting F-class matches. He personally believes that F-class matches are a great way to learn almost all the skills needed for long range hunting.

Jim Collier
Jim Collier is a retired government engineer/physicist who supervised regulatory environmental and fisheries management programs. During the Vietnam War he was a Special Forces officer who ran a recon/sniper platoon and that formed his appreciation for long range hunting.

T. W. "Tommy" Cornelison
Tommy Cornelison was raised on a working ranch in South Florida where his time was spent hunting and working with cattle and horses. He is a General Contractor/Construction Manager by profession, which has allowed him to travel the country, working and hunting. Tommy is an avid hunter, shooter, and reloader and can proudly say he has taken all of his game with his own ammunition for the past forty years. Tommy is now building a custom 6.5 X 47 Lapua with plans for a 338 Norma Magnum to soon follow.

Marty Dabney
Marty Dabney is a full time cattle farmer and a part time farrier/blacksmith from central Virginia. He is the father of two children and believes that getting the youth of the world interested in hunting, shooting and the outdoors in general will help them gain a respect for the land, the animals and the rights that so many have fought to preserve.

Tyler Dabney

Tyler Dabney has been involved in shooting sports since he was old enough to handle a firearm. From trap leagues to big game hunting to varmint hunting and coyote calling competitions, you'll rarely catch Tyler without plans involving a rifle. Starting with a penchant for shotguns, Tyler's passion has gravitated to precision rifles. Either refining an existing rig or planning for the next, you can be sure Tyler has something outdoors with a rifle planned. Tyler has spent nearly 14 years in the oil & gas service industry and is currently employed as a Safety Supervisor for a global service provider.

Nate Demiter

Nate Demiter is a passionate big game Hunter and thrill seeker. Having spent time living (and hunting) in Alaska and Wyoming he now manages his time between being a Bridge Foreman at a Rail Road and owning a small ranch in Kansas, He still finds plenty of time to travel to the western states in pursuit of Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and has high hopes of being kicked out of the <1 club by drawing a Bighorn tag in Utah. The potential drawing of this tag sparked Nate's interest in hunting with a long range rifle.

Scott Dickey
Scott Dickey is an avid shooter and reloader who is always working to increase his proficiency at longer distances. Scott enjoys writing about the shooting sports and writes for the Long Distance Lifestyle blog. He is a husband and a father of three.

Greg Duley
Greg Duley is editor of NZ Hunter magazine, the number one hunting magazine in New Zealand. He and sons Jamie and Willie, and wife Fiona are one of the most passionate and dedicated hunting families in NZ. Greg is renown as the long range hunting expert in his part of the world. Every March/April he'll be found in his beloved Fiordland Mountains, pitting himself against the terrain, weather and remoteness in the pursuit of those magnificent Wapiti (Elk).Andy Edwards
Andy Edwards grew up in Wyoming hunting and fishing as much as time would allow. He now lives in Western Wyoming where he is a ranch manager. Andy loves spending free time hunting, fly fishing, long range shooting and roping with family and friends.

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