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Michael Eichele
Michael has lived in Alaska for 10 years. He has killed 4 Dall rams. The largest was 38" long with 14 1/2" bases. The longest was 763 yards.

Jim Eid
Jim grew up on Wisconsin's famed Wolf River, fishing, set lining, hunting and turtling. After a stint in the Air Force, and a couple of years in Montana, he settled in Northern Wisconsin. His passions are building custom rifle stocks, shooting, hunting prairie dogs, calling coyotes and small mouth fishing.

Chris Farris

Nicholas Gebhardt
Nicholas has been an active hunter primarily pursuing mule deer, antelope, coyotes and prairie dogs since he was old enough to legally hunt. Nicholas is a precision rifle competitor and uses the knowledge he gains from competition shooting to aid in his ethical taking of game in the field under most any condition. He enjoys custom rifles and is usually in some form or another of either planning or building the next one. Nicholas earned his B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana and is a Captain in the Montana National Guard.

Shane Green
Shane grew up on a 40,000 acre property in Australia and began shooting at 8; shot IPSC competition; sporting clays and hunted feral pigs here in Oz plus half a dozen trips to Africa. Current interest is long range rabbits on annual trip to NZ plus Cape York pig hunting each year. Beginning to compete in "F" class to help read wind.

Mike Greene
Mike Greene is a Power Plant Control Room Operator, and has worked for the same company almost 20 years now. He grew up in Phoenix with a father and grandfather who were avid hunters. Mike has harvested about 5 elk of my own so far in his life, and has helped countless family members and friends with their hunts. "I am not a guide." Mike says, "All my life I have tried to get drawn for a bull elk but never have. Helping my grandson is even BETTER!" Ever since Mike was a kid, his dad would bring the family to the White Mountains of Arizona. Mike says, "When the Wallow Fire swept through our forests I came to realize that nothing is forever. I suggest that readers take a moment and enjoy the world around you today while it's still there, because tomorrow it could be all gone!"

Jesse Grove
Jesse Grove is a 38 year old union pipefitter from central PA. He enjoys shooting, groundhog hunting, and riding motorcycles. He says he tries to stay out of trouble, but this long range shooting and hunting sure can be a man's downfall!

Ed Hale
Ed Hale is an avid hunter with both gun and bow, spanning more than 50 years taking whitetail deer, red deer, moose, American bison and several species of African plains game. He is the author of African Safari – Rifle and Bow and Arrow, an eBook that includes rifle testing up to the 416 Rigby. Ed lives in southern New Hampshire.

Tom Hall
Tom Hall is 46 years old, a retired police officer and a high school teacher. Tom has been hunting since he was 10 years old, and has been archery hunting since he was 18 years old. Tom is married to wife Shirley and has three children: daughters Ashley (17) and Janice (11), and son Kayden (15).

Jon Henry
Jon Henry is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys both hunting and fishing. He has been shooting and competing in archery for almost 40 years, and began competitive archery in the NFAA at age 12 as a youth. He was a sponsored PAA pro archer for several years, and before that competed for 15 years in both the NFAA and NAA. Jon retired from competition about 8 years ago, due to a series of shoulder injuries that impacted my ability to sustain competitive performance.

Jon is in his mid 50's, and still very much enjoys shooting his bow and now crossbows as well. He is taking a great deal of his experience gained from building and tuning archery equipment and applying it to crossbow shooting, since they are very similar in many respects.

Jon's goal is to help as many new shooters gain a solid knowledge of their equipment as possible, so that we can continue to grow the sport of target shooting and hunting with a crossbow, until it becomes as popular as the other traditional forms of archery.

Darrell Holland
Darrell Holland is a Custom Riflesmith and designer of Advanced Reticle Technology in Leupold, Schmidt & Bender and NIGHTFORCE rifle scopes. Darrell offers an intense 4 day shooting school that is ideal for long range hunters and tactical enthusiasts.

Steve Hugel
Steve Hugel is a lab technologist, freelance gun writer and USAF Reservist. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys skiiing, hunting, shooting and biking. Steve's shooting specialization is in optics and specialty pistols.

Justin Hyer
Justin Hyer began reloading during high school and developed a passion for making precision shots that quickly blossomed into a love for long range shooting. He has spent his whole life living in the shadow of the Utah mountains and enjoys being minutes away from excellent shooting, hunting and fishing locations. He currently works as a product development engineer designing medical implants and instruments.

John Johnston
After twenty-five years with a major law enforcement agency, John Johnston retired to the hill country of central Texas. His law enforcement career was diverse with assignments with the tactical/motorcycle unit, patrol, and criminal investigation. After retiring, writing became his calling. He started with a newspaper column which, he still writes and then moved up to major magazines in the area of shooting and hunting. He is known for his unbiased product testing and evaluations. Having a full size range from 25-450 yards next to his home was his dream come true. 2010 marks his fiftieth anniversary in the hunting, shooting and reloading sports. You will notice his writing style is quite relaxed and he prefers to write like he is speaking to you around a camp fire. John welcomes questions and comments whether good or bad. You can reach John at olsingleshot@gmail.com.

Allen Jones
Allen is a water well contractor in central Colorado. He has lived and hunted with gun and bow in Colorado since moving there in 1975. He is a former state champion and all-American trapshooter and also loves long range shooting, varmint hunting and Texas hold em poker.

Jason Juliana
Jason is an Air Force mechanical engineer currently stationed in Virginia. He was born and raised in New Mexico and loves chasing elk with a bow every September the Air Force will let him. He is a true DIY hunter who has never been on a guided hunt. He has taken big game from almost every Rocky Mountain state, Alaska and a handful of states east of the Mississippi. He also enjoys bird hunting, fly fishing, long range rifle shooting and taking his wife to dinner since she lets him hunt so much.

Dave King
Dave has been coached and trained in precision shooting since early 1960 and began his long range shooting endeavors in early 1982 while stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA, winning the 1000 yard Service Rifle Onslow Trophy in mid 1983. He has been through several civilian long range rifle schools and attended an FBI sniper school. Dave took first place at the Canadian Forces Small Arms Championship (CFSAC) 600 meter One-Shot One-Kill competition in early 2000. He enjoys ballistics and is a programmer by trade.

Lance Kuck
Lance has raised buffalo since 1994 and owns and operates a 5000 acre buffalo ranch in Nebraska. He also owns Laughing Water Ranch Outfitters,LLC and has access to over 90,000 private acres. Lance specializes in buffalo hunting but offers a limited number of White-tail deer and Merriam turkey hunts.

Bryan Litz
Bryan Litz majored in Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University and worked on air-to-air missile design for 6 years in the US Air Force before taking a job as Berger Bullets Chief Ballistician in November 2008. Bryan has been an avid long range shooter since the age of 15. In particular, Bryan enjoys NRA Long Range Prone Fullbore/Palma competition and is the current National Palma Champion. Bryan is also a husband and proud father of 3.

Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall was born and raised in Southeast Idaho. He has graduated from Ririe High School, Ricks college with a Associates degree in Arts and Science, University of Idaho Bachelors in Geology, Gemological Institute of America as a Graduate Gemologist and Paris Junior college with a degree in goldsmithing. He and his wife MaryAnn have been married for 33 years and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. They own Marshall Jewelry in Gillette Wy. Bruce has hunted and fished since he was 3 years old. He has been blessed to hunt Africa 2 times and twice in Kyrgyzstan.

Eric A. Mayer

Eric A. Mayer is the owner of Varminter.com Online Magazine and AR15Hunter.com. A former trapper and current depredation specialist, Eric has over 30 years of experience with every aspect of varmint hunting, from predator calling to long-range hunting. Established in 1997, Varminter.com is a free online magazine that includes articles, videos and full product reviews for the varmint hunting community.

Ian McMurchy


MeccaStreisand is a long time competitive and recreational shooter, wildcatter, computer geek, exterior ballistics geek, inventor, outdoorsman, writer, husband and father. With over 20 years of experience in local and regional airgun, handgun, rifle and shotgun competitions of all sorts he competes currently in high power and smallbore metallic silhouette in the western states and long range precision and tactical matches throughout northern and central California. In his free time he wishes that he had enough free time to do anything other than wish for more free time.

Tres "TresMon" MonCeret
Tres MonCeret is a career machinist, gunsmith, competitive shooter, writer and instructor of many modern and primitive outdoor topics. He is currently looking for work in one of these venues in any geographical "cool place" to live. Resumes available.

Anthony Montoya
Anthony Montoya resides in Denver, Colorado,where he is a union pipefitter welding on live gas pipe. He has been hunting in Colorado for 30 years and is a very avid sportsman. Elk hunting and long range shooting are his passions. He has managed to harvest and elk 19 out of 20 years. Recently married, he is introducing his new stepchildren to the addiction of long range hunting.

Gustavo Ruiz
Gustavo Ruiz is a long time fan of ballistics, reloading and especially hunting big-game. He has contributed many articles for magazines worldwide. Professionally, he has spent eight years at Microsoft. Gustavo holds a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Operations Research and an MBA. On the other hand, he is also a LtCdr (res) in the Argentine Navy, and is involved with the LR shooting training program of their Special Forces operators. Currently he is developing ballistics/reloading software through Patagonia Ballistics, a small software development group located in Argentina.

Joel Russo
Joel Russo has an extensive law enforcement and military background. He has been hunting and shooting in extreme long range competitions for over a decade. He is currently married, has two boys, and resides in PA. He makes tactical and hunting stocks with exotic and highly figured domestic hardwood, and will be introducing custom actions in the market place shortly. He has partnered up with Chase Curtis, and will be selling the actions under Curtis Custom, LLC.

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