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Top 10 Excuses Allowing You To Hunt Longer

Top 10 Excuses Allowing You to Hunt Longer

By Loop-Hole Louie (AKA Darrell Holland)

For many hunters the time allotted for hunting is just too short. With busy work schedules and domestic duties at the home front, we find ourselves severely short changed in pursuit of our favorite hobby, Hunting!

For each of us, the dreadful circumstances are as different and unique as the individuals involved. A common denominator however does occur, one that we can all associate with. In our youth many of us were irresponsible. Footloose and fancy free, may be a better adjective to describe our carefree lifestyle, however. I can remember one year hunting for 30 continuous days and never having to answer to anyone! These “Testosterone-Based Marathons” hold fond memories, sleeping in the truck, eating cold sandwiches for days on end. These character building years make for great stories around the campfire. These stories become yardsticks by which we judge other hunters.

Then hormones changed. My pursuits and stalking abilities were focused on another kind of dear. As in most relationships everything is hunky-dorey for the first few years, then Reality sets in. Jobs, mortgages, 401 K’s, summer houses, and one, possibly two tax deductions arrive on the scene. Lets face it, our lives have changed. In most cases a 7-10 year cycle takes place before we begin to reflect on our loss of freedom. Some may refer to this as a second childhood, most however, prefer to describe it as making the most out of the years we have left. I firmly believe we are only given so many hunting seasons and should make every effort to maximize time in the field.

For those of us that married “wisely” this lusting of our mis-spent youth is tolerated by our better half. They often shake their head in what we take for a nod of approval and off we go into the wild blue yonder. Many wives possess the uncanny ability to sense our outdoor calling and grant us the necessary time to decompress before we self destruct in our fast paced society.

How many of us have a friend or acquaintance who is not so fortunate? He is put on a short leash and has more restrictions imposed on him than a UN peace treaty. We secretly pity these poor souls wherever they may reside, and offer our condolences for their lot in life. True friends, however, never leave friends twisting in the wind. A True Friend comes to the aid of his fellow hunter wherever he may be, for deep down, we all fear the Karmic recourse of failing to aid and assist our comrade in arms.

What better way to spring a friend from the chains that bind him than a Perfect Hunting Excuse!

We’ve all used them, in fact, they came in pretty handy at different times in our lives. Remember in the fourth grade when the dog ate our homework? Or the 7th grade, when our report card got left in our pants pocket and failed to survive the wash? Usually the older and more mature we become, the more sophisticated and elaborate the excuses. Its now time to activate our “Creative Juices” and gain a few extra days in the field. Lets pull out the stops as we explore the Machiavellian world of 10 Perfect Excuses for More Hunting Time.

In most cases just a few “extra days” in the field are all that is necessary to bring home success. Much like the gambler who has an addiction, just a few more dollars are all that is needed to take home the “Big One”. Unlike the gambler, we know for a fact the above to be true. With the advent of the cell phone we can call from remote hunting areas (and not waste time driving into town to make the same call) as well as, use the “you’re breaking up, I can barely hear you" routine, when things get sticky. Hunters worldwide owe a debt of gratitude to the inventor of the cell phone.

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