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Savage Tactical Rifle Project
Proper bedding involves supporting the action so that when the action screws are hand tightened, the action is level and unstressed. Most importantly, the recoil lug is fully supported even at the front so that the action can be held rigidly while under recoil. A quality epoxy steel makes this task very straightforward and is the first thing I recommend to anyone when tuning any rifle.

One feature I really wanted to add were RAILS. Now no one makes rails for Savage or Rem stocks like they do for the AR and many other military rifles so I had to improvise. The rails you see are UTG rails for the 10/22. These rails are very well machined from a quality alum alloy and covered with a very durable finish. You can find these from various dealers and eBay for around $35. Pretty amazing considering the excellent quality of manufacturing.

The stock was modified to fit, which was actually a pretty simply thing to do. The Shilen barrel was also reshaped to better fit under the rail. Spacers were made so the rails were further apart, allowing the Shilen barrel to fit without interference. Adding an aftermarket Harris bipod adapter makes adding a bipod a snap. Very solid install.

Once the stock was finished and sealed, I wanted to put on a textured camo paint job. This is greatly eased by first applying bedliner from a spray can. It is super easy to apply and builds up to a durable surface that is textured with a little give. This stuff is readily available at any auto supply store. Just ensure that it is paintable.

Colour was applied using matte camo colours by Krylon. Various natural items were used to help separate the colours and give a realistic pattern and depth. Again, it is very easy to do and if you don't like the results, just give it a coat of compatible flat black and start over.

The barrel was masked using the 'fishnet' style wraps you sometimes get with barrels. This gives a really nice scaly appearance and texture. No top coat was used as I couldn't find a compatible clear matte (didn't look very hard either). No matter, as it has been wearing really well and itís easy enough to repaint next season.

I am very happy with how the appearance turned out. The grip is very comfy to use. The trigger pull length is a bit short but I got used to it readily. The butt contacts me lower then the original stock due to the raised comb. This really helps the stock track straight back during recoil. That spongy recoil pad reduces the kick to something akin to shooting a 10/22 - very effective material. That rear grip does make shooting off a bipod very comfy and secure. Sits on a rear bag well too.

The center feed mag is one of the smoothest and most durable mags I have ever used. With the SSS extended mag, the capacity is a whopping 12 rounds. I did have to add a portion of spring from an AR mag, but would suggest using another factory spring for ease of set up. Not a cheap item but the quality of the product is well worth the price.

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