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My Remington's Fall

My Remington's Fall

By Les Voth

This past summer my custom Remington 700 Short Action in 6.5 Creedmoor and I burnt plenty of powder, expended many bullets, popping primers and smacking lotsa steel. I learned how to shoot long with confidence, and my Remington only let me down when I fed it badly built ammo.

I learned to build better ammo and my groups got smaller. More steel died horribly impactful deaths. Paint turned to dust, gongs rang, bowling pins flew, and Tannerite blew things asunder.

The Remington forgave me when I screwed up, and became more familiar with each hundred rounds sent down range.

I changed scopes, raised the comb, raised the quality and consistency of reloading. Brass prep, powder measuring, neck tension, and personal gun handling all improved the repeatability of connecting the Point Of Impact with my Point Of Aim.

Calipers began showed the growth of brass after too many loadings. Not owning a brass trimmer, visiting a proud owner of such a device was considered. The challenge of overstaying your welcome while using someone else's tools is sometimes tough to overcome. So I tried something unique - I bought a Wilson Case Trimmer of my own.

My Remington's Fall

Mad has one with all the accessories. A factory made stand, micrometer and a device to hold the case holder in place. It's really nice. It's dead nuts accurate. Set the micrometer, load and crank. Your desired case condition and length will be achieved.

Forced to minimize my financial outlay, I bought the basic model - no accessories. The rail with the adjustment screw, the crank and cutter, and a single case holder in 6.5 Creedmoor.

My Remington's Fall

A three inch portable vise attached to my desk works very well to hold the Wilson Case Trimmer. Adjusting and setting the device for 1.910 inches, almost three hundred cases were processed. The mouths were squared and the cases uniformed in length.

My Remington's Fall

Richard Franklin, who's built World Record accuracy achieving rifles, has a video on precision reloading. After watching Richard's video and incorporating some of his suggestions on building precision ammunition, I can tell you he's right.

Here's a truth that gives direction: The mouth of a cartridge case is the first launching platform of the bullet. If it doesn't leave the case mouth straight, it won't fly straight.

To keep the case mouths square after trimming them with my new Wilson tool - I used Richard Franklin's method of deburring without chamfering. The cases accept bullets for loading, feed without issue from the magazine. Yet no tool has touched the inside of the cases. If you want them square, square them up, leave them square.

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