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RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Review
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I use the time between charges to seat a bullet in a previously charged case. By the time I have seated a bullet, the new charge is ready to remove and re-weigh.

The Chargemaster has more functions than I use. Load memory and trickle mode are two that I do not use. My loads are all committed to memory or are in my load log, so I do not feel like committing them to yet another data storage. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy being able to call up a favorite load out of memory. The trickle feature, well, let’s just say a tap with my fingernail on the dispensing tube is more refined than the quickest tap on the trickle function button--faster, too!

My personal “Do’s and Don’ts“
One thing I will not do again is put ball powder in the unit. You can hardly get the stuff out! The tiny ball powders are so static sensitive. Static is not a problem with all the coarser grained powders, but the little ball powders are the pits! I have read that some use the cling-free sheets as are used in a dryer for clothes. Don’t know if it works or not, but if you are going to use a ball powder I would recommend trying them.

One thing I HOPE I never do again is to leave the little dump outlet open again after I remove all the powder from the unit at the end of a loading session. There you are, pouring powder in the hopper for a new reloading session, and the hopper won’t fill up geemineeze, what a mess !!
Early on in my experience with the Chargemaster I managed to pull the whole powder storage hopper off of the unit when attempting to remove the cap. (It was full of powder at the time. Another big mess). So be careful that the cap is not stuck to the storage hopper.

You will also benefit by putting some type of cover on the unit when not in use . This will prevent dust from accumulating in unwanted places, causing erratic readings.

RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 review
Publisher's Note: Mossy Oak Break-Up® would work, too.

For those that are adventurous, you can even access the programming portion of the unit via the operational keyboards and change certain aspects, such as speed of the rotating tube and timing of the rotational speed shifts, perhaps even other parts of the factory programming. Some have done so and created personal programs that will hold tighter to the target weight, but it is at the expense of longer dispense times. I would suggest contacting RCBS for information on this, as it is not included in the supplied instructions.

I have not used the Chargemaster in a traveling scenario, but have read many reports of the unit’s ruggedness while being carted all over the country, some even bouncing around on the dash of a pickup truck on country roads, yet still performing as designed when called on. If you plan on carting it around, I would recommend removing the plastic “table” that the powder pan sits on, as it depresses on the very sensitive and easily damaged “load cell“.

I am sure that the next “greatest thing“ as regards powder dispenser/electronic scale combos is just around the corner. Until that time comes, I heartily recommend the RCBS 1500 Chargemaster Combo to the beginner and expert alike.

Jim is a semi-retired landscape contractor and former naval petty officer. He has been reloading, shooting and hunting out west for 35 years. He competes in benchrest and f-class. Jim also has been making custom forged and stock removal knives for 15 years with some featured in knife magazines.

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