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PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO Bow Review
In conclusion, I find the PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO to be a great looking bow that is a pleasure to shoot. Its smooth draw and quiet shooting performance make it a great choice for hunting but it would work equally well for 3-D and target shooting.

ATA/IBO SPEED 345-337 fps
Axle to Axle 32-1/2"
Brace Height 6"
Mass Weight 4.40 lbs
Letoff 75%

Don't just take my word for it....

Read the PSE EVO Dream Season reviews from archery forums:

"The draw cycle of the EVO was like pulling an arrow across melted butter and with a very slight hump at the top. The release of the arrow was vibration free and the speed was off the chart. Lets don't forget too, its a dang good looking bow...."

"It's a winner. Great bow. They made huge improvements this year on this bow."

"Just set one up an hour ago. It was set at 27"/68# with IBO arrow and did 312fps. Loaded string. 68# felt like about 62#. Very smooth, quiet and fast. No shock whatsoever. Papertuned in the first shot. Definitely gonna be one of the best bows for 2011. The new Cam, Riser, and Limb pockets are fantastic."

"Just did another one today at 29/70. Draw length was spot on too. It was shooting 337 fps. Unbelievable for the butter smooth draw it has."

"it is the sweetest shooting bow i've ever held in my hands. The most unbelievable thing about the bow was the fact that its a 2 cam bow and the draw cycle is as smooth as any single cam bow i've ever shot. As the PSE sales rep put it, "its a lizard tongue friendly bow" and he wasn't kidding..... The bow is absolutely dead in the hand and quiet as a mouse, not to mention how good the black riser with the camo limbs look... Oh yes, and its blistering fast at 345 fps IBO...... "

"I truly thought i'd be a life long Mathews man, but i will be buying this bow as soon as possible..... "

"I'm another lifelong Mathews lover! I will be switching to the EVO this year! I think PSE has a WINNER!!!!!"

"I shot my new one today at the range it is an awesome bow.I really like the smooth draw and no hand shock plus the bow holds on the target pretty easy.I had to move all my pins closer together it is a flat shooting bow.I am set at 70# 29" draw 470 grain fmjs 296fps all day also chronoed it with a 400 grain gold tip 320fps.I used to think mathews was the best but was i wrong pse is going to be tough to beat in 2011"

"this bow is a winner , looks better in person shoots as good as it looks . I will be getting this bow asap"

"I have to admit that bow is quiet. I was shooting it in the garage and it didn't even sound loud. The bows finish was flawless. The looks of the EVO were also appealing to the eye and I am not a PSE guy. I have to say it was built well. There was no hand shock, for a speed bow I am very impressed."

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