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PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO Bow Review

By Andy Backus, Field Editor of Long Range Hunting

After shooting the the PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO for this review, I was so impressed with it that I decided to make it my personal hunting bow. PSE has been engineering some aggressive, fast bows lately but with the EVO they have melded speed (345 fps ATA) with a buttery smooth draw that is a pleasure to shoot.

PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO Bow Review

The EVO improves upon PSEís X-Force Technology by providing similar speed and performance but with a much less aggressive Draw/Force ratio. The result is a bow that is fun to shoot all day long. If I didnít know better I would swear I was drawing a single cam bow. And that made this PSE EVO review article easy to write, as well.

PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO
PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO Bow

The Axe-Plus dual cams on the PSE EVO provide an extremely smooth rollover with a generous valley and a solid wall. They have rotational inner cams that allow for simple adjustment of the draw length for fine-tuning. It took me about ten minutes to adjust the cams to my draw length on my first try. After a few shots with the PSE EVO, I decided to adjust it again and it only took a minute or two.
Call me if you'd like to discuss the tech aspects of this bow. You may purchase a PSE EVO bow here at the LRH Gear Shop.
-- Andy Backus, 920-376-2010
I like the posi-lock system which uses stainless steel pins that lock the inner cams and eliminate any chance of the PSE EVO cams slipping over time affecting accuracy. I really liked being able to adjust the draw length without a bow press. I found I was more interested in making small adjustments to get it just right.

PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO
PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO Bow

The PSE EVO is very quiet at the shot, due in part to its Vibracheck Backstop which terminates string vibration immediately. Its length can be micro-adjusted to maximize effectiveness. Six Vibracheck limb bands installed at strategic locations also keep this bow quiet.

PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO
PSE X-Force Dream Season EVO Bow Review

According to PSE, the EVOís Planar Flex Riser is designed to flex minimally and only front-to-back with no side-to-side flex. This should result in excellent accuracy, along with their revolutionary limb pockets which pin the limbs to the riser in three locations.

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