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When shooting a crossbow (or rifle for that matter) at long ranges, even a small amount of canting (tipping) of the crossbow to one side or another will introduce a significant horizontal error. For example, at 100 yards, a 6 degree cant (only 1 minute on a clock face) will cause the arrow to impact about 12 inches left or right of center. Similarly, at 700 yards a 6 degree cant with a 7mm Remington Magnum rifle will cause the bullet to impact about 12 inches off-center. The only effective way to eliminate canting is the use of a bubble level anti-cant device. Since the TAC 15i did not come with an anti-cant device, we promoted the use of, and sold many after-market ACD’s to our TAC 15 customers. The engineers at PSE identified the effectiveness of an ACD in maximizing the accuracy of their crossbow at long range and built one into the new TAC Elite. This is a very significant improvement when it comes to shooting the TAC Elite at longer ranges!

PSE TAC Elite and Ordnance Crossbow Review

The TAC Elite Crossbow features the same accurate mil-spec trigger as the TAC 15i, which can be replaced with a lower pull-weight custom trigger if desired. (All test firing for accuracy in the original and in this review were done with the original trigger.) The firing mechanism features a safety and an anti-dry-fire device just like the TAC 15i. The AR-style stock is adjustable for a good fit. The TAC Elite Crossbow package includes a bipod, which is the same one that came with the TAC 15i. It also includes 3 TAC arrows, which are also the same arrows as those used with the TAC 15i. The whisker biscuit rest is the same, as is the comfortable handgrip. The bow string and cables are slightly different lengths than the TAC 15i, and PSE has improved the string weights (which help add speed) so as to reduce problems with the weights creeping too close to the cams.

The PSE TAC Elite comes with a 3-9x40mm PSE-branded scope with 5 horizontal reticle marks. The Accu-shot scope that originally came with the TAC 15i had 6 mil-dots above and 6 below center, which worked well to be able to range from 30 yards out to 120 yards. The Elite’s new scope reticle will not work as well for extreme long range shooting but will be adequate for distances out to perhaps 70 or 80 yards.

Several months ago I was one of the few lucky dealers to get my hands on a prototype of the PSE TAC Elite Crossbow. It was exactly the same as the finished product I just received the other day. It was still cold, rainy and windy during the week that I had the prototype, but I was lucky enough to find a vacant warehouse where I was able to shoot out to 100 yards. That day I quickly sighted in the TAC Elite at 20 yards and was getting the same tiny groups I was used to with the TAC 15i. I actually aim at different points on my crossbow target so as not to damage my arrows because the groups are so small. I quickly worked my way back in 10 yard increments to 100 yards.

My first 3-arrow group at 100 yards was a bit bigger than I would have liked (about 5 inches) but I felt like I was rushing and my form may not have been spot on. For the next two 3-arrow groups I really took my time. I was getting used to the factory trigger (we shoot our personal TAC’s with a lighter pulling competition aftermarket trigger) and focusing on my shooting form. I was shooting off the TAC Elite’s bipod on a small folding table with a chair and a rear bag rest. I settled in, checked for cant, put slight forward pressure into the bipod, deep breath, slowly exhale, squeeze trigger, and fire. I forgot to bring a tape measure with me, but my 3-arrow group was approximately 2 inches.

For the next group, I set up 2 video cameras, one back by me and the other one taking a close up of the target. Again I really took my time and focused on my form and again my 3-arrow group size was approximately 2 inches -- with the factory trigger. (See the video HERE.) I am convinced that the PSE TAC Elite Crossbow has the same exceptional speed and accuracy out to 100 yards or beyond as its predecessor the PSE TAC 15i.

In conclusion, the new PSE TAC Elite crossbow is just as powerful and accurate as its predecessor, and thanks to the addition of an integrated anti-cant device it is easier than ever to get the most performance possible out of this unbelievable crossbow. Improved limbs and an improved cocking mechanism mean the TAC Elite crossbow is even more durable.

One more item I should mention is that my experience working with PSE’s staff on warranty issues for my customers’ crossbows has been exceptional. We at TAC15store.com pride ourselves on getting our customers’ crossbows back to them in perfect working order extremely quickly, especially if they are having a problem during hunting season. We are hunters. We understand the urgency! PSE’s entire staff has bent over backwards to make sure we are able to do this.

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