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PSE TAC 15/15i, 10/10i Crossbow Review
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Well, I had problems again trying to get a shot to register properly on the chrono. After 5 shots all I could get was 6166 FPS and I dont think that was a correct reading so I gave up for the day. But, think about it. I placed 5 shots at 100 yards with an arrow through the small sweet spot of a chrono with only about 5 inches of horizontal space between the 2 sides. My 5-shot group size was less than 3 inches including its vertical component.

PSE feels its TAC Series of crossbows is more accurate than others because of
  1. Rail-less design allows for clean and clear travel of the string
  2. The only crossbow that uses a nocking loop that ensures consistent arrow placement on the string
  3. Mil-spec trigger with the option to upgrade to a custom trigger.
  4. Integrated cocking mechanism with precision release aid
  5. Custom TAC Arrows
  6. Picatinny rails that will accept a bi-pod for stable shooting
  7. Adjustable stock for a good fit

PSE TAC 15/15i, 10/10i Crossbow Review
Rail-less design using nocking loop for cocking provides accuracy advantage

In this review article my emphasis is on long range accuracy and consistency. East of the Mississippi River we archers would like to be able to harvest animals at longer distances. But it is in our West that many of us long range rifle hunters see the most potential for the PSE Tac 15 crossbow. On the plains and in the mountains compound bow hunters have been shooting deer, antelope and elk at longer ranges than eastern hunters for years. They practice a lot out to 70, 80 yards or more and are prepared to take standing, undisturbed elk or deer at ranges approaching those numbers.

I believe this crossbow is a legitimate 100 yard tool in the hands of a responsible, practiced, serious hunter. Accurate range finding and wind doping will be crucial to success. And the discipline to turn down a shot under unfavorable wind conditions will be essential. But that is no different than the rules we long range rifle hunters live with each hunting season.

I shot the PSE TAC 15i crossbow purposely in crosswinds up to 10 mph. I wanted to establish an estimate of the amount of wind drift that would have to be adjusted for at yardages out to 100 yards and a little bit further. My preliminary conclusion is that a shot at 100 yards in a 10 mph crosswind would need 22 inches or so of correction. Here is an interesting reference point. A flat shooting rifle cartridge at 700 yards drifts about that same amount and we long range rifle hunters are successful at ranges far beyond that. Shooting into the wind, I estimate that a 10 mph wind causes 3 inches of additional drop.

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