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Hunting My Pressured Elk
My choice for binocs includes the Minox series of binoculars. My favorite are the Apo series in 10X43. I also use a set of 15x56 for super long distance. I also pack a 62mm ED Minox spotting scope. I have found Minox to be some of the best glass available. Great glass can really help with finding animals that have disappeared from your area. Sometimes all you have to do is go a little deeper into your area to find the elk. Get your glass out and start looking for out of the ordinary places and be prepared to be in place well before light. Start by looking in areas where you think they will feed. Once you find them, you need to figure out where to set up.

Hunting My Pressured Elk

For my hunt this year there was simply no good place where you could get close to this bull. So I found the only location a solid shot could be taken from. My good friend Chris Trotter was hunting deer in the area and I had told him about the elk I was watching. He said he would also look out for him. I was watching another bull when I got a message from him saying he had spotted what appeared to be a giant bull with only a couple of cows with him. I was very tempted to shoot the bull I was on but it was only my 1st day hunting elk, so I was not really ready to end my season with this bull. Chris told me he looked huge so I left shortly thereafter and headed to where Chris was at.

As soon as I parked the ATV, I could see the huge bull feeding with its cows. He was over 1.5 miles away as the crow flies. My plan was to hustle out on the old skid road that was there and hook up with him. I got there as soon as I could. Now there was no missing Chris. He looked like an orange version of the Gorton’s fisherman. He was really easy to find out on the point. It was obvious the bull had spotted Chris and was keeping close tabs on him.

As soon as I saw the bull I knew I wanted him. Chris and I looked him over really good. I just needed to find the right place to take the shot. After trying a dozen places to shoot from, we finally found the right spot. I ranged the big bull at 905 yards. I looked at Chris and asked him what he thought. His response was all I needed: “If you get him, I will help you pack it out.”

Now, I know my equipment well and practice a lot. I knew I could make the shot, but I had to make sure it was perfect. I knew that my equipment and I were up to the task. I shoot a custom built 7mm ultra mag, shooting Berger 180 grain VLD bullets, and topped with a March Optics 5-32x52 scope with MTR-1 reticle. This scope’s repeatability is the best there is, and is so important in being able to make a long shot. The bull was not moving from where he was, and I had ample time to adjust and calculate the shot.

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