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5,000 Coyotes Experience Helps You Learn At Predator University
One of the other ways in which Tonyís operation is unique is his dog, Gunner, a blackmouth cur. Gunner is used as a decoy dog and a retriever. Gunner would sit tight next to us when Tony was calling. As soon as I shot he was off toward the coyote. Even if he hadnít seen the coyote before the shot he ran toward the sound of the bulletís impact. Tony says Gunner watches from a calling stand better than most hunters. Simply amazing!

predator university review
Gunner and Len.

One time after a miss on a slowly trotting coyote at about 200 yards Gunner chased after the prey which ran out among some cattle. Between the sagebrush blocking the view and not wanting to pay to buy a dead thousand pound cow-on-the-hoof, I failed to get a second shot. Gunner actually caught up to the coyote and did his job of momentarily distracting him. Iíve seen video of a decoy dog interacting with coyotes and making for an interesting and more effective shooting opportunity. But we didnít quite have that kind of situation in the 2 days. However, Tony told me that even at Gunnerís young age, he has been in on the kill of 197 coyotes. In a couple of instances Gunner saved us time in finding my dead coyote long before we would have. Tony breeds and trains this line of dogs.

We hunted in mainly sagebrush areas with some grass as well. Shot opportunities were not long at first, partly because I couldnít always get good ranges in the flat terrain. The second afternoon we spent some time scouting and hunting the area that Tony said would most appeal to long range coyote hunters. Understatement! It is an area where the land drops off abruptly to a valley floor around 200 feet below. There is an access road on the ridge top paralleling it that stretches for miles.

predator university review
Tony's coyote hanger.

I know Iíll be going back next year and weíll concentrate on this long range coyote hunterís dream spot. From the top we can call to pull the coyotes out of cover below. Shots could be from a couple hundred to a thousand yards long. Given the downward angle, and the Huskemaw brand range finder Iíll have by then, accurate ranges should be no great challenge. Weíll hunt in the morning with the sun behind us and the prevailing westerly wind in our faces. It is the best long range coyote hunting setup I have ever seen.

predator university review
Looking out and down at "Long Range Ridge."

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