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5,000 Coyotes Experience Helps You Learn At Predator University

5,000 Coyotes’ Experience Helps You Learn At Predator University

By Len Backus

Have you ever noticed that seriously qualified people are often modest about their accomplishments? Recently I had the pleasure of being tutored in the fine points of coyote hunting by Tony Tebbe of Predator University in New Mexico and West Texas. Long before the end of our first day together it was clear to me that Tony is the real deal in predator hunting knowledge and the ability to teach it others.

predator university review
Gunner and Tony.

Halfway through our first day together, I put this question to him: “Counting those killed by you, by your calling partner or by a client, how many coyotes have died in your presence?” He thought for a moment and then said matter of factly, “Oh, I guess around 5,000.” “Wow,” I thought, “I get to pick his brain for a couple of days in the coyote heaven of sagebrush dotted eastern New Mexico and the far western panhandle of Texas. He’ll probably be irritated with me for outing him about his 5,000 coyote experience.” Well, I say “Too bad, but the world of neophyte predator hunters needs to know.”

predator university review
Len and coyote.

My first morning with Tony had him, but not me, a little frustrated with dry stands. Tony was frustrated because that many dry stands are so unusual for him on the 1 million acres of private ranches that he has available to take clients on. During breaks between sets he had a couple of cell calls from friends who were experiencing the same dry spell in another part of the southwest that same morning. But just before noon it was as though a switch had been turned back on and for the next day and a half a dry set would turn out to be a true exception.

predator university review

I live in Wisconsin which I am told is one of the toughest coyote hunting states in the country. I tried coyote calling in Wisconsin in the past with dismal results. Then a couple years ago I started focusing my efforts on the western states. Since then I have hunted out there with a half dozen guys who are very experienced and generous with their knowledge. Tony is the latest and the most experienced. As we moved from one set to another, Tony would coach me on why we set up where he chose and what call he was using.

Tony has the best predator hunting land I’ve ever been on. Part of the formula for success in calling coyotes is a lot like the formula for fishing success. Get your pencil out and write down this previously secret tip to success: “You need to fish in a lake that has lots of fish.”

predator university review
Len, Gunner and Coyote.

Tony has lots and lots of coyotes on his nearly 30 separate ranches comprising 1,000,000 acres of private land. Most have never heard a call from a hunter. On our second day we hunted 2 ranches for which Tony had obtained permission 6 months earlier but had never even hunted before. There were coyotes all over the place.

predator university review
Tony said he can tell how old the coyote scat is by biting into it! (I had a very experienced coyote hunter contact me to say Tony should be able to tell the age without biting into it so I edited this caption to say: DISCLAIMER -- Just kidding)

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