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Practical, Tactical Or ?
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This rifle is balanced, (weighted) and exceptionally accurate, making it a dream to shoot. However, getting the accuracy was way more work than I expected, which is why I am not mentioning the name of the gunsmith. You see, with the hunting season quickly approaching, the gunsmith was short on time. As such, the wonderful green coating that you see here is the well respected Cera-Coat, which is a ceramic coating used on firearms. However, the fellow that normally does his Cera-Coating was backed up for several months. For this reason he sent the rifle out to another Cera-Coater. That Cera-Coater over-coated everything: the interior of the muzzle break, the barrel, the recoil lug, the interior of the receiver, the bolt; really everything. It was a disaster and a tremendous disappointment. The interior of the muzzle break was reduced from .327” to .311”. With the bore size of the barrel being .308” the hole of the muzzle break was only .002” over bore, causing the bullet to scrape the inside of it on its way out. (So much for accuracy).

Practical, Tactical Or ?
Here you can see that the gunsmith applied a cool nonslip grip material to both the grip area of the stock as well as the fore-end. The scope sitting on top of the Picatinny rail is a 3.5 - 15 X 50mm Night Force.

The barrel and recoil lug was also over-coated, causing the barrel to touch the barrel channel and the recoil lug recess channel to be too tight in the wrong places. So, the barrel channel and the recoil lug recess had to be opened up. Not only that, but the exterior diameter of the bolt area in front of the bolt lugs was reduced to properly fit the receiver, creating a step in the bolt. The Cera-coating magnified that step and caused the bolt to stick when pulled completely to the rear. Because of this, the step had to be feathered out and the Cera-coating removed. It was a terrible lesson learned and one that the gunsmith is still inside out about. This gunsmith would normally sell this rifle for $4,500.00, which at that price should have never showed up to me like this. Although no one expected the unexpected, the gunsmith’s name is on the rifle, and he blew it when he failed to check and verify the Cera-Coater’s work. When I received it, it looked awesome; it was a beautifully handcrafted piece of art, and I expected it to shoot sub 1/4 MOA. However, I was blinded by its beauty, and to say that working up a load was challenging would have been an understatement; I could have broken this rifle in half on more than one occasion!

Practical, Tactical Or ?

Finally, I was able to work through the issues, and now have it shooting as good as it looks. Unfortunately I didn’t get an elk this year with it. With the temps running in the 50’s, there wasn’t enough snow on the mountains to drive the elk down to the lower ground where I was hunting, and with the moon full, they fed most of the night and stayed bedded down during the day. Because of this, I went home empty handed. However, with the rifle now shooting like a dream (a good one), I did manage to take a 5 X 4 Buck that was one jump away from another private property! This would mean that if he had jumped over the wire and onto the private property, I would not have been able to take the shot. So, to make a long story short, he was approximately 200 meters out and down from me on a 30 degree angle. I dialed in 3 clicks of elevation and with light snow falling, held on the back of his head. Touching off the trigger, he instantly fell. I won’t be mounting this one. However, on the good side, there wasn’t any loss of meat.

This gun does shoot an honest sub .25 MOA using 185 grain Berger Bullets, with 72.4 grains of H4831SC in prepped Norma Brass with Federal 215M primers. The Bergers are seated so they are just barely touching the lands and are moving downrange at 3,129 FPS.

The rifle weighs in at 12.4 lbs., not a lightweight by a “professional hunter’s” standards, but not a heavy gun either. I am very pleased with this rifle and find it to be a fantastic compromise between a true heavy tactical and a light-weight. It is a “Tactical Hunter”.

Practical, Tactical Or ?


Night Force
Lightforce USA, Inc.
1040 Hazen Lane
Orofino, ID 83544
Ph: (208) 476-9814
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Badger Ordnance
1141 Swift St.
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
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Sniper Tools Design Co.
P.O. Box 1647
Estes Park, CO
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Fax: (970) 586-9281
E-mail: info@snipertools.com

Phoenix Machine
36 Jellison Lane, Suite B
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
Ph: (406) 756-2727
E-mail: lisa@boltactions.net

Berger Bullets
4275 N. Palm Street
Fullerton, CA 92835
Ph: (714) 447-5456
Fax: (714) 447-5478
E-mail: tom.hime@bergerbullets.com

McMillan Stocks, Inc
1638 W. Knudsen Dr., Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85027 USA
Ph: (623) 582-9635
Fax: (623) 581-3825
Hours: M-F 7:00 - 3:30 PM MST
E-mail: stocks@mcmillanusa.com

Accuracy International
Tac Pro Shooting Center
35100 North State Hwy
Mingus, Texas 76463
Ph: (254) 968-3112
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Website: tacproshootingcenter.com

NIC Industries, Cerakote
7050 6th Street,
White City, OR 97503
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Orders: (866) 774-7628
Fax: (541) 826-6372
Email: info@nicindustries.com
Website: nicindustries.com/firearm_coatings.php

Hoag Gunworks
8523 Canoga Ave., Unit C
Canoga Park, California 91304
(818) 998-1510

Silencer ~ TBAC Corp.
Cheyenne, Wyoming
(307) 287-2052

Ward Brien is a US Army Veteran, owner of Sniper Tools Design Co., LLC and the inventor of the "Angle Co-Sine Indicator," which is sold and under contract to different branches of the US military, British military and others. Located in the top of the Colorado Rockies, Ward also instructs a specialized three day Precision Shooting 1 course to hunters and has trained military and other government agencies.

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