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Outlaw Sling Review

Outlaw Sling Review

By Troy Adams

When I first became involved with long range shooting I remember being surprised at how heavy the so-called “carry” rifles were. Granted, some carry rifles are termed lightweight, but, as a rule, they lean more towards the heavy side than a lightweight mountain rifle configuration. Hmmm, I thought, maybe those PH’s in Africa have something with that gun bearer idea.

Outlaw Sling Review

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With the added weight, trying to find a good rifle sling becomes an issue for a number of reasons. First, if the shoulder strap is too narrow it becomes very uncomfortable and feels like it’s cutting into your shoulder all the time. Second, the strap might be too slippery and it is constantly falling off your shoulder. (This has also been known to result in some very bad language depending on whether or not the handler caught his rifle fast enough or not.) Third, the strap needs to be strong enough to hold the rifle in place so the heavier barreled rifles don’t lean back and down at the muzzle and the butt of the rifle moves forward and upward. (Note: If your rifle slips off your shoulder from this position it will land right smack dab on the scope. This will result in a whole new level of bad language. Don’t ask me how I know this, just know that I know.) Bottom line, heavier rifles can be a real nuisance to carry in the field. So what can you do to make it a more pleasant experience?

This very question constantly rolled through my mind this past spring while bear hunting. I spent way too much time trying to keep my rifle on my shoulder while hiking in steep, wet, and slippery terrain. One hand seemed to have to always be on the sling to keep my rifle from falling off, and the other hand was hanging on to anything I could for dear life. All too often while trying to perform this balancing act I would fail miserably and wipe out. Fortunately I did not receive any serious injuries, but I sure came close a few too many times. I kept thinking there has got to be a better way of carrying a rifle.

Well, there is! Enter Gary Matthews of Timber Butte Outdoors and his awesome Outlaw Sling.
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