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Nikon EDG VR Fieldspotter Review
Battery life was impressive on the unit. The Nikon EDG VR fieldscope has a positive “on” and “off” mode so it can be deactivated to save battery life when it is not needed. I had the unit in my possession for about 6 weeks, and never changed the batteries.

Nikon EDG VR Fieldspotter Review
161 yards big doe.

If there were any negatives about the unit, it would be its weight, and total length when fitted with the adapter and a camera. I found it much easier to break the scope down into three sections to travel with it from stand to stand while digiscoping. The length and confined quarters of the deer stand also made birding difficult, certainly in the woods. Cardinals and thrashers were moving throughout the underbrush around the stand, but moving to another window, adjusting the sand bags, and finally finding and capturing the picture was very difficult. In a proper birding setting, this would not be an issue, so it is not a negative for the birder in proper weather and out in the open on a tripod or on sandbags on the hood of his truck. While the weight could be considered a negative, you also know you have a powerful piece of optical equipment in your hands when you hold the complete setup. Quality glass is not light in weight, nor is the frame to hold and protect it.

Nikon EDG VR Fieldspotter Review
157 yards.

In my opinion, Nikon is a world class player in the optics industry. I personally have several Monarch rifle scopes, one set of Monarch binoculars, and have had the opportunity to trial this spotting scope. I have compared all these Nikon products to the industry leaders, and Nikon is definitely in the elite group of high end optics, and a certain leader with this new Nikon EDG VR fieldscope.

Nikon EDG VR Fieldspotter Review
Sleeping doe at 100 yards.

Whenever I had this scope set up in public, it drew a small crowd. When people saw me giving a demonstration to another photographer, it caught their eye. “Why are you tapping on the scope while he is looking through it?” they would all ask. “Because it has a vibration reduction system that cancels out the motion and allows the image to be stabilized,” was my standard response. Then, the onlooker would want to experience it for themselves, and some were so amazed, they tapped on the scope themselves. By this time, someone else would stop and the cycle would repeat.

Nikon EDG VR Fieldspotter Review
Deer at 287 yards after sunset.

If you are in the market for a top of the line spotting scope, or wanting to get into digiscoping, you owe it to yourself to give the Nikon EDG VR fieldscope a serious look. With its crystal clear glass and user friendly controls, it is an amazing scope. When you add the vibration reduction, it stands alone as the elite leader in optical clarity and function. Add a digital camera and you have a very powerful digiscoping system that allows tremendous flexibility in the field. Rig yourself with this system, and you will experience the “wow factor” of this amazing setup.

Nikon EDG VR Fieldspotter Review
Sparrow at 72 yards at sunset.

Roger Seale has been an avid outdoorsman for the last 35 years. In the last 5 years he has become addicted to long range shooting and hunting. Roger likes them real close (archery) or real far away. He hones his skills all year with competitive shooting and predator hunting. Married and the proud father of two hunting daughters, both girls took their first deer at age 7, and both have taken deer past 300 yards.

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