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Nightforce Ballistic Targeting Software
With these ten items inputted into the Night Force Ballistic Targeting Software, it will tell you what your elevation, windage and lead holds are; and it will do this for any caliber and any firearm you own. You are NOT limited to one type of reticle, or one type of rifle, or one type of cartridge. I can testify to you, that Nightforce will deliver your dope with authority and amazing accuracy.

The advantages of the home PC or lap-top is that the software packages have the capability of printing out data cards, angle drop cards, and will even export the information to Excel.

In Pocket PC form, Nightforce Ballistic Targeting Software will display an electronic data card that includes your elevation, windage and lead holds, which you can then transfer onto write in the rain paper. This is an exercise that takes maybe five minutes to do, and what I would and should do before starting my hunt. Once the data is inputted and processed, and the data card displayed, I would copy the information to notebook paper or write in the rain paper, and place the new data card in my jersey pocket and the Pocket PC back in my pack.

nightforce ballistic targeting software

Once you have set-up the software, inputted your ballistic data and backed it up, there is no need to re-input the Ballistic data again unless you are inputting a brand new load or cartridge. The data is stored as an independent file in the units’ memory. You will still need to input the met data, the distance to target, and the Cosine number or the Angle that you are holding on, however that’s it.

nightforce ballistic targeting software
Kestrel 4500NV hand held Pocket Weather Station with compass.

The process of utilizing the software is as follows:

Obtain your meteorological data (MET Data) (I use a Kestrel 4000 hand held weather station).
Input the met data into the ballistic software’s data entry points i.e. temperature, barometric station pressure, and humidity and wind value.
Wind value = speed and direction
Acquire the distance to target.
Acquire the Cosine or Angle value of the sloped distance to target using an Angle Cosine Indicator.
Input the distance to target and Cosine / Angle number into the ballistic software.
Click on the calculate button.
You now have the options of either using the exact distance to target as you entered it, obtaining your hold, or viewing / making a data card.

nightforce ballistic targeting software
You now have your holds

At this point, if you haven’t validated your dope, this is where you would do so. Night Force Ballistic Targeting Software also makes available a sub-routine that will calculate the bullets deceleration curve; meaning that if your hold is 25.0 moa for 1000 yards, and the hold that you actually used is 24.75, (with no wind present) you would input that data into the data entry point. Once the trajectory is validated, you are theoretically set-up to shoot, no matter where in the world you are, at any altitude, any temperature and whether you are at sea level or at 8,000 feet ASL in the Rockies. Night Force Ballistic Targeting Software greatly aids and enhances your accuracy and effectiveness.

nightforce ballistic targeting software
World renowned and SCI Registered Rifle Maker “Ray Riganian” inputting the current met data.

nightforce ballistic targeting software
Yours Truly hit this coyote in the nose at 421 yards
utilizing the Night Force Ballistic Targeting software.

Night Force Ballistic Targeting Software, TDS Recon Pocket PC, and the Kestrel Pocket Weather Station can be purchased at www.snipertools.com or other select dealers.

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