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Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks - Part 2

Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks - Part 2

By Allen Jones

You may have read my other hunting story, Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks, about my son Kenny and I hunting high country bucks in the Sangre De Cristo Range in Colorado during the early September season. Well, Kenny’s twin brother, Ben, drew the same September high country tag the very next year and, as brothers will do, decided he would one-up his twin brother and get a better buck, AND he would do it on his own without Dad holding his hand and making it easy… (Like I had done anything of the sort!)

Anyway, he buddied up with his brother in law, a combat vet from the Iraq war, and started planning a hunt. He did his homework, scouted, made a plan and had all his equipment gathered and ready for opening day. He had absolutely no qualms though about borrowing his dad's rifle to make the shot with, so I graciously agreed to the plan and got him practiced up with my .338 Edge. He was consistently shooting hand size groups out to 800 yards. He felt pretty good about being able to sashay up the mountain, kill a 200 class buck and be back before dark on opening day. Did I mention he was a little cocky?

(A little about the gun… It is a 338 Edge I built using Jerry Teo's method spelled out in the article Long Range Rifle On A Budget. It was built on a Savage action with a Pac-Nor barrel and using the Bondo method of improving the shape and feel of the stock)

Let me stop here and tell you a little about these boys of mine. From the time they were up on their hind legs walking and talking, they were inseparable. They were the easiest kids to take care of because it was like they had a built in baby sitter in each other and were always doing something together. They grew up in a hunting family and helped with the meat gathering in the fall from a very early age. At the tender age of 12 years old they were doing overnight backpack trips into wilderness areas all alone.

They were very abused when it came to things like playing Nintendo and watching hours and hours of TV. It was not allowed. If they ever wanted to go camping, fishing, hiking, etc. they never heard a no, but if they wanted to go to town and hang with their buddies, maybe go to the arcade, hang out in the park, it was a definite no. My dad had told me long ago that town was where bad things happened, not in the wilderness. They soon learned not to even ask. I believe this really made them the great young men they grew to be. A little parenting discipline goes a long way toward creating good, honest, hard working, responsible kids. We could go on forever on that theme, but I digress. Back to the hunt…

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