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M2D Camouflage Gear Review
After washing the clothes I put everything on to check for fit and function. The shirt and pants were comfortable and the zippers and buttons all worked without any problems. The only thing I didn’t like was the arms on my large button-down shirt are just a little too short. This is not a major issue as I just rolled the cuffs back. However, it would be nice to have sleeves that were just a bit longer. The shirt does however, have plenty of room through the shoulders, back, and waist. The pants are loose fit and very comfortable. They are a perfect design for hiking in all kinds of different terrain, in my opinion. Now if M2D will just come up with a waterproof/windproof pair of insulated pants or coveralls I will be in seventh heaven. (Hint, hint, Sparky!) M2D does offer a fleece camouflage pair of pants, but they are not practical for the burr and seed infested country that I hunt.

My first field attempt was in pursuit of coyotes. My partner and I called in several coyotes. I was fortunate to take three of them and my partner got one. Did my M2D versus my partner’s camouflage make a difference? Who knows for sure, but I like to think so. What I do know is that this is one of the few camouflage patterns I find hard to see when actually out in the field. I mean, it really blends in. It has a unique ability to more or less just adapt and blend into the environment.

M2D Camouflage Review

The next time I donned the M2D camouflage I was again calling and hunting coyotes. On my very first stand of the morning four coyotes came in hard responding to the call. They never had a clue I was there until the shooting started. It was very open country as can be seen in the photograph below. How can a person not love a camouflage pattern that helps them disappear in the wide open?

M2D Camouflage Review

Texas Blackbuck

Now that I was gaining confidence in this new camouflage outfit I decided it was time to really put it to the test and take it along on my first hunting trip to Texas. This was a hunt for blackbuck and wild pigs, with the blackbuck being the top priority. The hunt was booked with Toby Joe Truby of Redrock Outfitters. (806) 322-0100.

At very first light on the first morning of the hunt Toby’s guide Jory found a beautiful blackbuck antelope enjoying breakfast. Jory ranged the buck at 160 yards with his Leica Geovid binoculars. Toby and Jory discussed the trophy quality of the buck and gave me a green light. Actually I’m not sure Toby was finished with his sentence when my rifle went off. All I heard was: “He’s a good one, you should ta…BOOM!...ke him.” I can honestly state that the buck absolutely did not know I was anywhere in the country. I introduced him to an instant Texas dirt nap, via the 6.5mm-284. He still had a mouth full of grass when I walked up to him. For the record, I was and am, absolutely thrilled with this buck as it has long been a dream of mine to have a blackbuck in my trophy room. Thanks to Toby Joe, Jory, and my M2D camouflage my dream was realized.

M2D Camouflage Review

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