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Long Range Rifles, LLC - 7WSM Rifle Review
The trip to the range couldn't have gone smoother. Len had provided his personal Huskemaw scope to use for the review. The scope had been lifted off his 7 Dakota. I simply set the scope on the new rifle’s rail and tightened the bolts. After a quick bore sight, it took two shots to zero the rifle. I had planned to do a ten round break-in procedure. When the third round hit point of aim, I went ahead and fired two more for group. I had an easy sub .5moa group at point of aim, and I'd fired only five rounds through a brand new rifle! Well hell, I thought, grinning. Let's just run 'er out to a thousand.

Long Range Rifles, LLC - 7WSM Rifle Review

Settling in for the thousand yard shooting, I considered the ballistics. Len’s Huskemaw scope had a compensation knob on it for his 7 Dakota. The knob said .75bc, 3145 fps, 4500' altitude. I figured my load would be something like .684, 2990 fps, 6000'. I guessed I'd need another minute and half of elevation. I dialed the Husmemaw scope’s custom compensation knob to the 1000 yard mark, then added an extra minute and a half.
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I had shot both the 7 Dakota and the 7WSM cartridges a fair amount, and am familiar with the ballistics of each. I settled in and squeezed off the first round, bringing us to the opening paragraph and the mild surprise in Brian’s tone. I had scored a first round hit at 1000 yards. Sixth shot out of the rifle, first shot beyond one hundred yards, with no load work, and no ballistic work!

The following rounds produced a 1000 yard group perhaps 3.5" tall X 8" wide. I had made no effort to read the slight wind changes, and was extremely pleased with the accuracy of the rifle and load. I know well it's not always that easy. When it is, I'll sure take it! I also understand it wasn't just luck. A well built rifle, a well chosen caliber, proven components, and a skilled shooter (yes, me), contributed. I wasn't surprised, just pleased.

I was more than satisfied the rifle could perform to my expectations. I've taken the rifle along on several shooting trips since. On each outing the rifle has proven very accurate and very comfortable to shoot. Simply put, the rifle is built of well chosen components by a skilled smith, and flat does what it's supposed to! I am loathe to send it back!

I found the Huskemaw scope to be an interesting piece of glass, offering several real advantages. Frankly, I am an MOA or “click” shooter, and Nightforce rates high with me. I have found the Best of the West marketing hype over the top, and I really figured the Huskemaw for a "gimmick". Yet, I was curious, eager to have a look. Out of the box, my initial impression was, hey this is a real, quality piece of glass! I found the glass good, the construction seemingly robust. Overall, I figure this for a good, solid, long range optic. I like the 20 moa per revolution, the zero reference, and I like the reticle.

Len sent along at least a half dozen turret covers, including several conditions for his 7 Dakota, other loads, and a simple MOA cover. You can have it your way. As for MOA versus BDC (or TTC in this case), they both have merit. I've sure been in situations where speed was the critical factor, and I've been in situations where pinpoint accuracy was the key. Fact is, you can have this scope whichever way you favor, and both, if you like!

Thanks Len, for the opportunity to check out these long range tools! I thoroughly enjoyed them!

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Lorenzo lives in Santaquin, Utah. He finances his hunting by shoeing horses and building homes for the fine people in Utah County. His addictions include, back country bowhunting, horse packing, and long range rifle hunting.

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