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Leupold VX-3 CDS Scope Vs. Quigley Ford Scope Review

Leupold VX-3 CDS Scope Vs. Quigley Ford Scope Review

By John Johnston

Each year I have the pleasure to test and evaluate a lot of different rifles and scopes. The scope industry is changing every day and not always for the best. These two particular scopes caught my eye. They are not exactly alike but they do fill a need in the long range shooting/hunting world. Not everyone wants to shoot a deer at 1500 yards or partake in F Class matches. Neither is everyone a reloader. There are a lot of folks that use the same rifle and factory ammunition each year or if they reload, they use their own pet load. Fewer shooters want to have to do all the calculations and adjustments needed to make extremely long shots. They just want a good scope that they can use if or when they have a chance to shoot past their comfort zone for the old 3x9 scope.

Leupold VX-3 CDS Scope Vs. Quigley Ford Scope Review
The Quigley Ford and Steyr cooling off.

First let me say that anyone wanting to shoot accurately over 250 yards should have a laser range finder. Their price has come down considerably, they are light weight and easy to operate. I personally use one of Leupold’s. While in the deer stand, I often guess the range of a certain tree and then check my estimation with my range finder. I know there are a lot of built in range determination gadgets in some scopes but a laser range finder is far more precise.

Leupold VX-3 CDS Scope Vs. Quigley Ford Scope Review
The Quigley Ford Power Selection Ring

I saw the advertisements and videos for the Quigley Ford scope on this site and they got my curiosity up. I called the company and talked to Randy Ford, the owner. First thing I asked was how he got the name “Quigley Ford”. “Quigley” came from the famous long range shooter from the movie “Quigley Down Under”, which happens to be one my all time favorite movies also. You can guess how it got the name “Ford”. It did not take long to realize Randy was a true hunter, fisherman as well as being a business man. He owns Walker Downriggers also. Since Quigley Ford is only a few years old I checked on the reputation of Walker Downriggers and it is quite good with reports of a good customer service department. The company is located in Canada, with the Quigley Ford customer service based in the USA.

Leupold VX-3 CDS Scope Vs. Quigley Ford Scope Review
A computer drawing of the reticle of my Quigley Ford scope for a .243.

About now you are probably asking, where are the scopes and optics made? First the glass is from Germany. Other parts come from around the world, but only the tube comes from China. It is all assembled in Canada. The scopes have fully multi-coated lenses and are gas filled. The reticle is etched into the glass. They have a quick and easy eye focus ring but no parallax adjustment. In general they are assembled like any other quality scope. The scope I chose was their highest magnification model, the 4-16x50mm. When I first picked it up, I had a pretty good idea that I was holding a quality scope. The glass was exceptionally clear at all powers and gathered low light extremely well.

Recently I had purchased a used Steyr SBS in .243. The previous owner said the rifle loved Federal 100gr. ammunition. So I bought a few boxes and sighted the rifle in at 200 yards. This rifle was like my other Steyrs, it shot less than one inch groups at 100 yards. I skipped the usual box testing and other tests I perform on scopes and headed out to the long range facility. First I had to qualify the rifle to shoot long range. This consists of shooting at a 250 yard small pop up silhouette and then at a steel plate at 500 yards under the watchful eye of the range master. Since I had no hash mark for 250 yards I just held on the head. I did not miss any of my three shots. Next was the 500 yard plate and again one, two, three and I was done. I found it was easy to pick the correct cross hair because each 100 yards is marked and labeled out to 800 yards and 50 yard marks starting at 550 yards. For curiosity I shot three rounds at the 750 yard gong and not a miss.

I did find some slight parallax at the 750 yard target but not enough to bother me. This rifle, scope and ammunition combination would be and will be deadly. Remember the fewer parts inside a scope that you have to adjust, the less likely of having a problem. Randy does not know yet but the scope is staying in Texas.

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