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Leupold Optics For Very Long Or Very Short Range
I have chosen Leupold products my whole hunting life because I trust them and have done so with my life and that of my son's in Africa. Why? Because their products live up to what they advertise, and they are for the most part affordable to me and to a great cross section of the hunting population in the USA and around the world. There are so many stories you and I grew up hearing of the hunter shooting at a deer for example with a 3 x 9 scope (a fine all around scope except when you miss) and not seeing the sapling 10 yards ahead that deflected a bullet intended for a deer at 40 yards.

Accordingly, hunters who encountered that frustration went out and purchased a 1.5 x 5 scope (limited to shorter ranges) so they were not caught in that situation again. A few years may go by and the same hunter seeks a hunt that includes long range and now they are cursing the scope because they can't shoot game at long distance. It is a frustrating situation, is it not? You can't win. Oh yes you can!

The Leupold VX-6 scope pays dividends by taking game at any distance. Well, let's see. At 2 power you could see that sapling at 10 feet and avoid it in your crosshairs as you shoot at game at 40 yards. And with the 12 power capability, you can shoot at game out to say 500 yards or more depending on your skill level. With the Leupold VX-6 scope you can even shoot at the crack of dawn, as the 30mm tube is larger than the 1 inch tube, thus gathering more light. Coupled with some of the highest optical quality in the industry, this scope does it all, short range or long range.

My farthest shots at targets, not wild game, were with a different rifle and a 4x14 Gold Ring Leupold scope. These 600 yard shots were published in Long Range Hunting Online Magazine. The shots were impressive, at least to me personally, and groups of three were in a 3 1/8 vertical path. With just a light 10 mph crosswind, my shots strung laterally to a worst case distance of 19 inches (yes that is with a light 10 mph crosswind, though most were in a 6 inch left/right path because I learned to play the wind and shoot in a lull).

I may never kill game at long ranges beyond 300 yards but it is sure fun trying to hit targets that some folks have a hard time seeing. I hear that bell ringing at 1 mile may become a new sport in and of itself. As responsible hunters we remember that we owe it to the game we hunt to be ethical in the field. Never take shots at game beyond distances you are practiced at. Good Hunting!

Ed Hale is an avid hunter with both gun and bow, spanning more than 50 years taking whitetail deer, red deer, moose, American bison and several species of African plains game. He is the author of African Safari Rifle and Bow and Arrow, an eBook that includes rifle testing up to the 416 Rigby. Ed lives in Southern New Hampshire.

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