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Legacy Portable Shooting Bench Review

Legacy Portable Shooting Bench Review

By Andy Backus, Field Editor of Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

A fairly large UPS package arrived at our store a couple weeks ago and I immediately knew it was the Legacy Portable Shooting Bench I was excited to try out. The benches sell for $389 and include free shipping. It sure was nice to have the package delivered right to my door.

I immediately laid the package on the floor and opened it up. As I slid the bench out, my first impression was that the varnished wood sure had a rich and handsome feel. I laid the bench top on the floor and stepped back to get a good look at it. “Wow, this thing is beautiful”, I thought.

Wade Loudamy is the owner of Legacy Shooting Products and he had offered to send us a bench to try out and then offer as a prize in one of our LRH Give Away Contests. He even offered to customize the bench with our new LRH “Shooter” graphic which we recently debuted on some new T-shirts. The combination of the rich wood of the bench top with the black and gray shooter graphic, plus the black non-skid textured surface at the front of the bench is striking.

Legacy Portable Shooting Bench Review

I flipped the bench top over to get a look at the storage compartment built into the underside. Then I slid a wooden panel toward the back of the bench using the finger hole cutout. It slid open very easily and smoothly exposing the four legs which lay snugly inside their hidden storage compartment. At this point I had to smile. I have been a pretty serious carpenter for most of my life (formerly professionally) and have built a fair amount of furniture. I am a big fan of fine craftsmanship. This Legacy bench is definitely an example of fine craftsmanship.

Legacy Portable Shooting Bench Review

I pulled the four legs out of their compartment and slid the door shut. My bench came with two non-adjustable legs for the rear of the bench and two adjustable legs for the front. This is the standard configuration, but I noticed on Legacy's website that for an extra $40 they will include adjustable legs for the rear as well. The legs are 1 1/2” diameter aluminum and have a plastic insert in the ends that rest on the ground. The upper ends are threaded and they screw into threaded inserts recessed into the bottom of the bench top.

As I began to thread the first leg into its insert, I noticed that I had to get the angle of the leg just right to match the angle of the insert. The inserts are not simply installed square into the wood. They are slightly angled out. Once I got the angle right, the first leg easily screwed into place. A collar on the threaded leg screws down tight to the insert and provides a strong stopping point where the leg is locked tight. The other three legs screwed in quickly and easily.

Legacy Portable Shooting Bench Review

I stood the bench upright and immediately felt that it was extremely stable and rigid. There was absolutely no wiggle to it at all. It seems to be just the right trade off of being heavy enough to be very stable while not being so heavy that it is a pain to haul it around. I later weighed the bench on our shipping scale and found that the four legs together weigh about 9 pounds and the bench top weighs about 28 pounds for a total of 37 pounds. The top is 46” long by 28” wide by 2 1/2” thick, and the narrow part toward the rear is 16” wide.

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