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iota Kremlin Rifle Stock and Triad ZL Scope Ring Review

iota Kremlin Rifle Stock and Triad ZL Scope Ring Review

By Justin Hyer

The overcast sky provided a breathtaking sunset that cast beautiful rays of orange and red light across the clouds as the sun buried itself behind the westward mountains. The night had been gorgeous and filled with sightings of numerous deer, but not the elk I was after. I gathered up my gear to begin the trek to the truck and hopefully run into a wandering herd of elk on my way.

As I began to work my way up the hill my hunting partner was waving his arms and motioned for me to hurry. As fast as my out of shape body would let me, I hoofed it to the top of the hill. He told me he had been trying to get my attention for the past 20 minutes and that a small herd of elk was out feeding at the bottom of the next draw just over the ridgeline. My heart began to race at the thought of getting a shot off in the last minutes of legal shooting hours. I glanced at my watch; legal shooting hours had just ended!

Never one to waste an opportunity to try out new gear, I decided to see if I could have comfortably made the shot had I arrived just a few minutes earlier. I flopped down behind my rifle and went through my shooting sequence. With the push of a button on the Triad ZL rings I enjoyed beautifully illuminated turrets to quickly check that my windage was still on zero and I dialed up the necessary correction for elevation.

It was now over 5 minutes past legal shooting hours as I settled the crosshairs onto the lead cow, leveled up the scope and began to visualize the shot. With a slight adjustment of the rear bag the crosshairs locked onto her vitals and I touched the trigger. Had it been legal to shoot, the elk would have tipped over dead because the crosshairs had not moved from their original position. While I wasn’t able to fill my elk tag, the new stock and rings I was using from iota Outdoors had certainly been a pleasure to use.

iota Kremlin Rifle Stock and Triad ZL Scope Ring Review
Figure 1. ZeroLight at work at the end of legal shooting hours

I first learned of iota when I read about their ZeroLight technology. ZeroLight is an anti-cant device that has an integrated LED light to illuminate the bubble level as well as to cast a small beam of light onto the riflescope’s turrets. It was developed to fix the problem of fumbling with a flashlight or a cellphone while hunting predators under the cover of darkness or low light situations.

No longer would the user have to do the creative balancing act of holding a light and a weapon while adjusting turrets and checking the level on their rifle. With a simple push of a button to turn on the light the user could now use their weapon as if it were daytime to easily check their bubble level and read their turrets. This technology is also incorporated as an option in their lines of scope rings.

I received a set of the Triad ZL (ZeroLight) rings to use and evaluate throughout my rifle hunts this past fall. iota rings incorporate a unique design feature that places the screw heads on the underside of the rings. The location of the screws helps keep them protected from the dust and moisture that often settles into the screw heads of conventional scope rings. The screws follow an angled trajectory that still makes them accessible with a driver while the rings are installed on the rifle. As an added bonus, the top rings now appear very sleek as they have no screw holes breaking up their surface.

iota Kremlin Rifle Stock and Triad ZL Scope Ring Review
Figure 2. Front ring with no screw holes showing from the top

iota Kremlin Rifle Stock and Triad ZL Scope Ring Review
Figure 3. Close up of Triad ZeroLight

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