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HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount Review

HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount Review

By Jon Henry

I've been promising for months now to put together an article on how to set up and get the most out of your HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount, but before I do I think itís only fair to open with a product review to outline for any newcomers the strengths and weaknesses inherent in this product.

For those of you who havenít heard about the HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount or are new to them, they mount on top of your crossbows Weaver style rail where you would normally mount your scope rings. This unit is designed to fit between the scope rings and crossbows rail or dovetail system and has very clear and simple set-up instructions included in the package.

The HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount unit is extremely well made and designed to take all the punishment that normal shooting can dish out. After hundreds of shots, Iíve not seen or heard of anything coming loose or any problems with these units. I am aware that a small percentage of HHAís older units had an alignment problem with their mounting brackets. This problem was corrected with the new style mounting bracket and has never since resurfaced. This doesnít mean that if you have an older unit that youíre stuck or at risk of a lesser unit.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out, when I spoke to both Brian Huff and his dad that they fully stand behind their products. This means that when a customer reports a problem, they address it immediately by replacing the faulty component at no charge to the customer. Brian is the engineer who designed the HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount and his dad runs the manufacturing facility. They are both outstanding representatives of what the term ďMade in AmericaĒ used to stand for. They make high quality products that are designed to outlast their owners.

The original problem was faulty brackets that did not properly align the Optimizer base with your crossbowís mounting rail. This made it impossible to get your crossbow on the target at 20 yards. You would run out of windage adjustment before your arrows would come to the center of the target. The mounting brackets have since been redesigned and replaced last December and the new brackets work nicely.
We sell the HHA Optimizer Speed Dial Crossbow Sight Mount in the LRH Store. -- Len Backus, Publisher of LRH
So at this point many of you might be asking, ďSo why do I need to spend good money on one of these contraptions when I would rather get something else for my crossbow?Ē
Well even if thatís not what youíre thinking, Iíll be the one who will tell you why. Any which way you want to slice it, itís the only way to obtain pinpoint accuracy over all your shooting distances. This is not an opinion; itís a simple proven fact! There are very few people using the HHA Optimizer in a manner to get the absolute best accuracy out of them, but Iíll explain this below, so if youíll stay with me for a bit youíll understand what this method is and why itís so important to your accuracy. Using a scope with MOAís provides some degree of accuracy at certain distances, but itís limited to the distances that align with certain MOA points. These are close approximations and everything else is a best guess approximate. Secondly, you canít change your scopeís magnification power or all of the scopes MOAís are now useless, so your accuracy is fair at best. Let me ask you a simple question; what does a 1.5Ē florescent target dot look like at 80 or 90 yards at 3X magnification in your scope? Your crosshair completely covers the dot and blocks it out, so good luck forming any kind of consistent group or even hitting the target at that distance. Been there, done that already, so I know better.

Letís face it; we live in an instant society these days. This means we want instant set-up of everything we buy and own. We buy fast food, bicycles that are fully assembled and ready to go, we buy rifles and we want them bore sited and on target at 100 or 200 yards. We want our new TVís set-up and tuned before we plug them in, so it only makes sense that if we only need to shoot 2 distances with our crossbows and we can get a sight tape thatís going to give us all of our other distances, why not? Right?

Wrong! Sight tapes are not new and have been used for years in the archery industry with limited success. They are close, but not exact at all yardages. This is due to the fact that arrows are sealed hollow tubes and subject to different pressures at both elevations and differences in temperature. As pressures change your arrows will carry farther or shorter depending on the conditions. When the sight tapes were made, they only took certain factors into consideration. Pressure was ambient at sea level and temperature was around 70 degrees.

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