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HHA Optimizer Horizon Review
Thoughts and Observations
The HHA Optimizer Horizon worked exactly as advertised by creating a ballistics curve to match your cartridge’s trajectory with only an initial zero and one confirmed drop down range. The unit placed 22lr bullets on target between 50 and 200 yards with boring precision. Although the unit is very fast to set up (it took me about 30 minutes) and works exactly as described, it does have some things that I disliked.

The biggest problem I have with the Optimizer is that it adds quite a bit of bulk to the rifle, especially on the left side. While some people may not care, I did notice that the gun wanted to cant towards the left. Also, since it hangs off the left of the rifle I do not think it would work on left-handed rifles, but I didn’t have access to any left handed rifles to test this theory.

A second problem is the “magnifier”. I feel that the magnifier distorts the numbers and make them more difficult to read. The numbers on the tape are large enough that there isn’t really a reason to even include a magnifying feature.

HHA Optimizer Horizon Review
Figure 6. View of the magnifier. Note that the “magnified” number isn’t really any bigger than the normal numbers and is slightly distorted.

A third problem is the location of the yardage selector. To dial for the correct yardage the user has to lower the gun to see the selector line. This means that the shooter cannot engage multiple targets at varying yardages without getting out of their shooting position. While this will probably not pose a problem for most hunting situations, if the selector line was moved to be in line with the axis of the barrel, the shooter would be easily visible from a shooting position.

HHA Optimizer Horizon Review
Figure 7. View from a shooting position. Note that it is impossible to make an accurate yardage adjustment while in this position.

Final Thoughts
The HHA Optimizer Horizon worked exactly as advertised and allows users to quickly and easily set up a custom calibrated ballistic compensating system for their firearm. The system could be set up with a holographic sight to allow easy shooting at close ranges and compensated elevation adjustments at ranges that would typically require Kentucky windage. While I personally would rather have a custom turret on my scope, the Optimizer system allows the user to completely set up and get a customized shooting solution for their firearm in less than 1 hour from start to finish.

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