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Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder Field Test

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder Field Test

By Anthony Montoya

I've been hunting big game in Colorado now for over 25 years. Over the years my hunting tactics have evolved. I used to still hunt in the woods, stalking the game, hoping to get close enough to get a shot. Today's tactics are much different. A good pair of trained eyes and a spotting scope are your friends. I hunt long range now. Iím not talking long range where anything beyond 100 yards is a long shot. Iím talking ranges of over 800 yards, the kind of ranges where a slight breeze, uncorrected, can drift your bullet 2 feet off target. With recent advancements in long range technology by companies like Gunwerks with their G7 BR2 Rangefinder, the average sportsman is capable of ethically taking game at these extreme ranges.

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder Field Test
The Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder

One thing I've learned about long range shooting is that even with the best skill and equipment, one can't make an ethical one shot kill without an accurate way to range the target. For the average sportsman like myself, the laser rangefinder is the best way to measure the distance. The problem with most rangefinders on the market today is that they are built for the hunter shooting at ranges of up to 500 yards. Most rangefinders have some sort of generic ballistic program with fixed trajectory profiles to help compensate for bullet drop. These programs are rarely accurate but will usually get you on paper at 500 yards. Another problem with most rangefinders is that they simply wonít range non-reflective targets at extended ranges.

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder Field Test

I have tried many rangefinders from companies like Nikon, Leopold, Leica and Swarowski with price tags from $400 to over $1200. All of these rangefinders will range at distances of 800 yards in optimal conditions with reflective targets, but few will in field conditions. In fact even the upper priced rangefinders had a hard time ranging animals at 800 yards in the mid-day sunlight.

I became a G7 BR2 Rangefinder dealer after using my own G7 BR2 Rangefinder for one complete hunting season. I can own and use any rangefinder I want for personal use, but I chose the Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder. -- Len Backus --

When Laser Technology Inc. gave me one of their new Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinders to field test I couldn't wait to get out and see what this baby would do. The first thing I noticed when they handed me the G7 BR2 was that it felt very light, weighing a little over 14 ounces. It wasn't as compact as some of the other rangefinders on the market, but still not too bulky. The Gunwerks G7 BR2 Rangefinder is approximately 5" x 4.5" x 2" give or take. When looking through the viewfinder, you canít help noticing how crisp and clear the optics are. It was like watching an HD TV. The operation buttons are comfortably located and easy to navigate. The G7 BR2 Rangefinder's illuminated display is easy to see in all lighting conditions, and there is an indicator on the left side that tells you when the laser is firing.

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