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Game Traks Review
Now, one might wonder how you could set something like this up without disturbing the area. Again, here Game Traks shines with more progressive thinking. The speakers have been designed with what Game Traks refers to as a Smart Hibernate Feature. This means the hunter can place all the speakers out the evening or night before the hunt and leave the area. In the morning the hunter just has to sneak into position and “wake up” the speakers with his remote transmitter. Imagine the possibilities this could have for a long range hunter. With a line of sight speaker range of up to a half a mile it just keeps getting better.

Game Traks Review

A long range hunter could set up on a bluff or a cliff overlooking a valley, a flat, or a meadow however many yards away one chooses, up to a half a mile. As long as they had a direct line of sight to the speakers with the remote, they could activate the speakers. One could snipe coyotes, foxes, or crows from great distances. Perhaps even far enough away that the targeted animal would have no clue you are even in its same zip code.

Funny little story about that hibernate mode: During the testing period, I had forgotten that I had put the speaker on hibernate. I left the speaker in my bedroom and had gone down stairs to the opposite end of the house to sit on my couch, by the fireplace, to set up my transmitter for the next day’s hunt. I was happily sitting there selecting sounds and pre-selecting volumes when, all of a sudden, one of my daughters came running down the stairs with a panicked look on her face. She exclaimed: “Dad there are all kinds of terrible sounds coming out of your bedroom!”

I finally realized that the transmitter had awakened the speaker and was transmitting right through the floor and to the opposite end of the house. That speaks pretty highly of how effective the transmitter is, not to mention that hibernate mode does indeed work. I can only imagine what my little girl was thinking as she heard dying rabbit screams, coyote pup distress screams, and barking/growling coyotes sounds coming from my bedroom.

Regarding trying to set up the transmitter for the next day’s hunt as was mentioned in the above story, that brings to light another really cool feature of this calling unit. With the transmitter one can set up for hunt in a particular area before entering the field. One can select up to six different sounds per hunt, along with preset volume and preset time duration for each sound. One can preset up to 18 different hunts with up to six sounds per hunt. That is really amazing and very easy to do. I wish more e-callers had this type of feature.

The Game Traks has so many new and well thought out features that one might feel a little intimidated by it all, wondering if you have the techno-intelligence to operate such a caller. Trust me; if I can do it, anyone can do it. The steps and procedures are relatively easy to follow and after one gets the hang of it, it all becomes second nature. Besides, if one can’t figure something out, (and I did get stumped a time or two, but not too bad) the Game Traks staff will help out in any way they can. In fact, I found most of the Game Traks staff to be exceptionally professional and helpful. This is great news for someone that is as technology handicapped as I often feel.

There are a number of other features the Game Traks system offers--too many to fit into one article. I would highly recommend going to their website to read more about all that this electronic caller has to offer: gametraks.com. Just a couple more items I wish to mention. The remote transmitter is larger than most and feels very good in one’s hands. It is well designed and easy to operate. It has raised buttons, and both the screen and buttons are backlit in red for use at night. Both the handheld remote and the speaker use rechargeable titanium lithium ion batteries.

With the caller I was using, I would put it on the charger before going to bed at night, and the caller worked continuously all day long the following day. It never did die on me when using this method. In fact I’m not sure just how long the charged batteries will last after an overnight charge, but at the very least, all the next day. I used the caller in cool weather, cold weather, and really cold (-25 degrees) and it worked fine. All these neat industry firsts might be fine and dandy, but one might wonder does the caller actually call in animals. I will let the photographs with this article speak for themselves. The caller does indeed call in critters!

As can easily be seen, this caller has a lot going for it. As far as any improvements go, I only had one small thing I would like to see improved. The on/off button on the speaker can sometimes be difficult to operate especially with really cold fingers. (This, in my case, is most of the time while hunting coyotes). I would like to see that changed into an actual on/off switch rather than a small button. Other than that there is very little not to like about this caller.

Game Traks has a large library of sounds to choose from when purchasing the caller, plus it is programmable. You can add your own Wave, MP3, or .GTS sounds with a USB cable to your computer. Included with everything else is a 5 year warranty. If one is looking for a new electronic caller amid the vast array of callers out there, the Game Traks should be given considerable consideration. It can do things that no other callers on the market can do, and should have appeal especially to long range hunters. For additional information see below:

GameTraks, LLC
P.O. Box 363
Sturtevant, WI 53177

(866) 940-4263
Hours: M-F 8am - 5pm (Central)
E-mail: sales@gametraks.com

Website: gametraks.com

An avid big game hunter, Troy Adams has been hunting big game for nearly 30 years. Combining hunting and photography has helped him preserve many great memories. When not hunting, photographing, writing, or spending time with his family, Troy is usually found working on his wildlife art drawings

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