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Can I Come With Dad? – First African Hunt
The stories around the fire that night were great and the young men even got a little sip of dad’s beer because mom was not there. There was even brave talk of going to bed without bathing because mom was not there. Dad was also brave because mom was not there. Yes, we love mom very much (but she was not there)! The excited chatter soon ended and sleep for little men came quickly.

Friday dawned a stunning day and soon we were back in the veld. Shooting positions were assigned and little hearts were pounding excitedly as the Springbuck started moving past. My 11 year old Nicholas was next to me and was itching to see some action. He was shooting 50gr Sako’s in a Krico .222. (Let no one ever tell you that a .222 is not enough gun for Springbuck!) Nicholas had also shot buck before, a black Springbuck ewe and a Rowland Ward Mountain Reedbuck but this was to be his first regular Springbuck. He was so excited that he pulled his first shot and then gave himself a lecture for not squeezing the shot off. Miss! After that things changed and Nicholas ended up shooting two beautiful rams at no less than 172 and 212 meters. I was impressed and proud. Jono had gone off with Morne the land owner and did his old man proud by dropping another beaut ram. Kevin’s son Nick had to wait all day but finally got a shot in and dropped his buck near the end of the day.

The sad story of the trip was that Jason did not get his buck and had to learn the hard way that hunting does not always include shooting. It is a hard lesson to learn and the year ahead will be a long one as he waits for the 2009 trip. He did well to overcome his disappointment so soon and will look back one day and see the value in the lesson. Well done, Jay.

I have been on my fair share of hunts but this one had something really special about it. It was wonderful to watch the two young lads of mine and Kevin’s bond with Dad and learn men’s things from men. (Watching Dad wash dishes was an eye opener for them but please do not let our wives know or we will be roped in at home).

It is from us that our kids learn the basics in life so let’s get it right and get them out there and next time they ask “CAN I COME WITH DAD?”, think of all the benefits for them and you and maybe say “yes”, and then see the joy in their eyes. I did and I cannot wait for next year.
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