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Extreme Shooting and Filming
The 6.5X284 proved better in dealing with the shifting winds and another decision was made to begin to wait for similar conditions rather than dialing the wind for each shot. Eventually, with all the variability at these extreme ranges and targets this small, they began just using the windage marks on the horizontal crosshair for the wind calls speeding the response to those ever changing breezes. Before long the 6.5X284 was replaced by a .300 Remington Ultra Mag shooting Bob’s proprietary Berger EOL 230 grain Hybrid bullet sporting a ballistic coefficient of .743. Chris had really been thrown into the fire as he had never shot anything past 350 yards. So, he took a break after some intense range time and Bob ran the dope on the .300 RUM through his Nightforce ballistics program on the PDA. The very first shot was extremely close—easily “minute of deer” as we say. The second shot was another near miss and the third shot was easily seen as a direct hit on a large Southeast Oregon rockchuck. The celebration was immediate and intense!

Extreme Shooting and Filming

Of the three cameras in use, one was mounted to a 20-60X Meopta spotting scope which captured the hit and answered my initial concerns that a hit would actually be viewable on the final footage. The big 230 grain slug leaving the barrel at over 3000 feet per second left no doubt as to the contact of the bullet through our optics! We had accomplished our goal: a confirmed kill on a rockchuck at over 1000 yards for national television and Bob proved he is the Real Deal in long range shooting.

Chris switched to the big .300 and continued his quest. As the sun got lower, we thought he may have accomplished a 990 yard hit but our search didn’t turn up the victim. The rocks and crevices on these rims sometimes allow rockchucks to make it into unretrievable spots. And, as I told them going into this project, No Off Season’s rule is…”No Body, No Count!” Although there was no confirmed kill, Chris really made some pretty amazing shots following Bob’s coaching showing that with the right equipment and circumstances, long range shots like these are within the grasp of a determined marksman. I hope we get a chance to have Chris back. Maybe we’ll start by putting him into The 500 yard Club before taking him to 1000 again.

The next day found us in the sagerat fields shooting at targets the size of the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of toilet paper. These small targets present their own challenges as Bob and Chris quickly found. We set them up on a platform with their own pivoting shooting benches and once again broke out the .243’s for some quicker action removing these pesky critters from the rancher’s fields. With so many targets in the field at once, the most difficult part of this filming proved to be getting shooter, camera and spotters on the same target at the same time! More than once, the response after the shot was, “That wasn’t the one I was on!” But, it was a fast paced day of shooting and allowed Chris to release some of his pent up bloodlust from the previous day. The EOL cameras captured many kill shots, some of which were spectacular! No Off Season treated the crew to our big field lunch making a nice, laid-back day for everyone.

The Extreme Outer Limits TV episode will be edited and air some time after the first of 2014. Varmint hunters and long range hunters alike will find this to be an action-packed show with some unique footage and a very unique kill shot on a football-size target at around 5/8 of a mile!

Tim Titus has been calling coyotes for 35 years. He lives in the coyote rich country of Southeast Oregon where he and his son spend their winters calling predators and their springs and early summers shooting varmints. Tim owns and operates No Off Season, an on-line predator and varmint hunting store and guiding business. You can check it out at No-Off-Season.com.

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