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Easy Feed Coyote Hunting

Easy Feed Coyote Hunting

By Eric B.

Wiley Coyote, where are you? I have asked myself this question plenty of times. And I've found plenty of answers to this question throughout the year. I have narrowed it down to a couple of these areas to try throughout the year. These areas can be useful for both the beginning coyote hunter and the general predator hunter to try.

The hunting areas I will suggest share one major factor: easy feed. Anywhere that there is easy feed there will likely be predators. It helps to look for special food sources in select areas during certain times of the year. Whether it is deer, upland birds, waterfowl or cattle, it’s all about easy feed. You’ve just got to do the research.

Easy Feed Coyote Hunting
A big, deep water area where wounded birds can go. A lot of birds in general just like to rest up here and stay put.

The time of year matters for all of these areas. Take fall deer season for example, when most often people are out deer hunting. With harvested deer and wounded deer around, coyotes will be actively searching for gut piles, chasing down wounded deer, and so on. Trying to find these areas can be tricky, but most often the more heavily pressured deer hunting areas will be best. The deer will be kept on the move, and so will the coyotes. If you’re really lucky, you might even get both coyotes and deer.

Easy Feed Coyote Hunting
A larger farm with plenty of cattle that will give birth to calves around April, so that means April Coyote Shoot is planned.

During the fall, many states also release human raised upland birds like pheasants, quail, and other species in specific hunting areas and zones. This is like bait for coyotes. I have seen multiple coyotes follow the release truck carrying the birds into these areas like a couple of bird dogs. So do a search of bird release times at any fish and game website and then see if any coyotes are visiting the areas. Keep looking around for other areas and you should improve your odds.

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