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Defensive Edge Long Range Shooting Class
As to shooting tools, we also used super-accurate .22 caliber bolt action rifles on two occasions to study wind drift and practice our shooter/spotter team technique. Shots were taken at small-scaled but realistically shaped steel silhouette cutouts of deer and elk.

 Defensive Edge Long Range Shooting Class

Over the 3 shooting days I fired nearly 100 shots out of my 6.5x284 rifle at distances from a few hundred out to about 1,200 yards. The others in the class had 338 EDGE cartridges and scopes with mounts set up for shooting out to 2,000 yards.

 Defensive Edge Long Range Shooting Class

Numerous LongRangeHunting.com members have attended the Defensive Edge Long Range Shooting Class in the past. Here is a forum thread By “Broz” (Jeff) and his take on the class. Since he lives out west in God’s Country, he has had a lot of opportunity to shoot beyond 1,000 yards prior to taking the class. His shooter experience would be of the Advanced classification.

My Trip To Defensive Edge Long Range Shooting School

The following are comments made to me by my two classmates:

Kevin Allen
“What I liked most about the course was learning how to spot for others. Having the basic know-how to call the wind and work up the shot calculation and then you get to watch it all unfold with the “Send It” was pretty exciting to me. The camp, atmosphere, food and the scenery was what we would say in the Marines “Out ******* standing”!
Greg Bailey
“Shawn's long range shooting class was first class with many subtle learning scenarios thrown in. Shawn has done his homework in identifying areas that will make experienced shooters scratch their heads. The .22 shooting revealed that wind flags are indispensable. If you can see one trust it before you trust what the conditions look like. When shooting across canyons look for updrafts as they affect the bullet more than you think. Never shoot long range in the mouth of canyons unless first thing in the morning (too many unforeseen variables). Bullets stay stable far father than one would have thought (338 Berger @ 2,568 yards). Mirage is easier to see with cheaper spotting scopes (not cheap but not the best).”

Happy class graduates
3 shots by 3 shooters into 835 yards

Len Backus is the owner of www.LongRangeHunting.com. He has been a long range hunter for over 10 years and is as likely to bag his game with a camera as with a rifle or a specialty handgun. His outdoor photography can be seen at LenBackus.com

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