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Sacrifice For Quality or The Case For Custom

Sacrifice For Quality or The Case For Custom

By Les Voth

I've been feature hunting for my entire rifle buying life. Buying features means that in order to satisfy the desire for a more desirable feature, you have to buy a whole new rifle.

Sacrifice For Quality or The Case For Custom
The author's trued Remington based, Vortex scoped, HS Precision stocked, truck gun

The justification for a new rifle purchase was always that this new one has these nifty new features. You have to have them to accomplish - whatever. Mostly it's a flashing
nuance that fades into the back of the safe, rack, closet or corner.

Buying nuance is like voting. The result is never aligned with the promise. So how to
deal with that?

Recognize the habit. Recognizing that you have a bad habit is the first step to
overcoming the evil that it is.

The last twenty five years of rifle purchases creatively filled their space and, amazingly - without damage. I could actually get my best favorite out without bowling more than a couple few over. But that single shot .22 in the back corner I use to shoot yard rats? That required a team of specialists to recover.

Contemplating past actions, I found a desire to try something new - create space.

Before I could create space I decided to define what I wanted.

Precision that could be accessorized. A rifle that every accuracy enhancing accessory
would be compatible with. It was a short search.

The top custom action guys advertise that their actions share a footprint with the
Remington 700 as a custom feature. If I spent the money to buy a custom action, later,
my stock and its accessories would then work with them too.

The evolving plan was to get into good stuff, making it better and making it work. The
versatility would be there for later, too.

With an HS Precision stock, a trued Remington 700 short action, a Krieger 27.5 inch 8
twist barrel with a threaded muzzle and a 30 MOA rail on top. The 6.5 Creedmoor was
the caliber of choice.

That rifle cost five factory rifles in trade. I haven't missed a single one.

Pay as much for glass as the rifle it's mounted on, I'm told. But I was a little shy, so an
already owned 4X12 with a 30mm tube Weaver Kaspa became the first scope mounted
on my new custom rifle.

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