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Coyote Stealth
Southern Alberta does not have a lot of bush. I use whatever the location has to offer to try and conceal my vehicle. One of the best methods that has worked is to have a partner, and to take turns parking the vehicle. My partner had dropped me off and the snow was close to 12 inches deep. I let him get out of sight and began calling. Within five minutes a coyote was walking down the trail my partner had left. I thanked my partner for that. 80 yard shots are not often missed.

Coyote Stealth

Then you have the coyote that sees the vehicle and keeps on doing what he is doing. I am very conscious of watching the coyotes’ body language. Is it just walking, searching for food or on the run to the next county? When I see a coyote that is walking and/or hunting, I know there is a chance to call it in. This situation happened a couple weeks ago. The coyote was out hunting in a field approximately 500 yards from the road, not the least concerned about vehicles. I went to the next road in, down two miles and then walked in. I got to the possible location and looked back. The truck was still visible. I walked to another hill, really a knob, and looked back. The truck was not visible to me. I then began to call, and 10 minutes later the hunt was concluded by dragging back a large male coyote.

Coyote Stealth

Whatever means and mode of transport is used to get to the stand should be considered when calling. The percentage of coyotes that is willing to risk seeing a vehicle and still come in is very low.

Another time, I parked my vehicle in a well concealed spot. On the way to the stand I bumped a coyote that was headed to the coulee. At this point I was not going to turn back, and went to the stand location. I began to call, using cat call. The coyote reappeared about 600 yards out and started heading back, then stopped at 481 yards. This time I was not really confident the coyote would come in. The wind had changed and was now blowing out towards the coyote. For some unknown reason the coyote stopped and laid down. A couple more cat squeals and some mouse squeaks, and another coyote was coming in from the same direction. That coyote stopped to visit the other one then kept coming. At 381 yards, body language was indicating the game was up. The first coyote was down, and I just missed the second one as it neared the crest of the hill.

In coyote hunting, always remember: concealment, stealth and persistence need to be considered as much as calling.

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