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Coyote Hunting, Predatorial Series #3 - "Coyote In The Crosshairs"
I know that the name of this website is LongRangeHunting, but the fact still remains that the majority of coyotes that are going to be called in will end up being shot at 300 yards or less. I have found that shots longer than this will be what I term incidentals. These are coyotes that you catch while traveling or are caught out mousing as you go to your setup and then you are able to setup on that coyote and take a longer shot if you wanted to. You can also intentionally set up for a longer range shot in places where there is an isolated water source or isolated and good food source, but this is tough and often requires long and unproductive sets. At times you will call in multiple coyotes and you may shoot the first one and the others will run off a ways and you can get them to stop for another look see and you can get some longer shots in this manner also.

This is a factory BushMaster Predator in caliber .223. I shot 75 grain Hornady BTHP Match bullets from it. The scope is a Burris 4-16x44 Signature Select with the Ballistic Plex Reticle

In the past few seasons, I have begun to see the value in having a semi-automatic rifle for coyote hunting and I have made a transition from my bolt guns into those which are based upon the AR15 platform. A well built AR15 will easily shoot under one MOA, has low recoil and will offer you a quick follow up shot if needed. The AR15 is also offered in a wide variety of calibers to suit your likes. This makes the AR15 a very good choice when it comes to your typical coyote hunting scenarios. My newest addition to my coyote shooting arsenal is a custom built AR15 in a 6mm SPC caliber which easily shoots less than one half MOA. This is a 6.8 SPC that has been necked down to shoot the 6mm bullets. I also shoot the AR15 in calibers .223 and .204, but the 6mm SPC will be my go to gun from this point forward.

This is a custom rifle also built by LazyD guns of Tulsa Oklahoma.This is caliber 6mm SPC which is a 6.8 SPC that is necked down to accept a 6mm bullet. I will be shooting my old standby 55 grain Nosler BT out of this at just under 3500 fps out of the 22 inch Bartlein 5R barrel. It wears a NightForce NXS 5.5-22x56 with an NP1-RR reticle and sits in a set of Larue SPR-S mounts. It has a MagPul PRS stock with AccuShot PRM, JP Enterprises VTac float tube, Bobro Gen2 Bipod and
also has a Jewell trigger inside.

Another important piece of equipment will be the glass that you put on top of your rifle. Like the different kinds of rifles there is a myriad of different scopes that you can put on top of your rifle. Instead of trying to point out various scopes, I will state that the ideal scope for the majority of your coyote hunting will be one that is a variable power and has the upper end of its magnification between 12 and 16 power. The objective size of the scope can be whatever you want to use as they will all work fine for this type of hunting. With this being said, on the 223 AR15 there is a Burris 4-16x44, on the .204 AR15 I have a Nikon 3-9x40 that I will soon replace with a 5.5-16.5 and on my newest rifle, the 6mm SPC AR15, I have a 5.5-22x56 NightForce NXS which is perhaps a bit of overkill, but I like it.

A well built AR15 is quite capable of turning out some pretty decent groups as shown by the group shot above during my load testing with the 6mm SPC shown above

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