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Coyote Hunting Wind Myths

Coyote Hunting Wind Myths

By Ted Haynes

During the many years that I have hunted coyotes, the most common saying I have heard is, "When the wind blows, stay home." In Southern Alberta, if you were to honor that mantra you would never leave the house. The wind blows on most days, and generally just keeps coming and coming out of the west.

Coyote Hunting Wind Myths

Coyote hunting articles always state to have the wind in your face, or at least have a crosswind. Yes, I would prefer that for sure, but it is not always the case. At times you cannot reach your selected stand location from the right direction due to snow or a locked gate, which means to either have the wind at your back or go home.

When the wind is at my back, what has worked for me is to sneak over the crest of the hill and set up about ten yards or more from the top. Now the wind is blowing over me and out, not directly down. Perhaps the coyote will not get my scent, but the coyote may still sniff me out. So I make up my mind to get ready to take the long shot. In these types of circumstances, I know I am going to have to shoot the coyote at between 200 to 300 yards, or just sit there and watch his tail moving away after he catches my scent. Then again, for some strange reason, a coyote will sometimes simple disregard the human scent and keep coming in and then die at less then 100 yards.

On one occasion I was out coyote hunting although I should have stayed home, but being too stubborn, I went to an area where coyotes always hang out. This area is at the end of the lake and has a very large section of bulrushes. The wind was blowing out of the northwest at 45 miles an hour minimum. I got to the stand location, just under the crest of the hill, with the wind at my back blowing out and towards the bulrushes. I had set up north and west of the bulrushes. If I had ever made a single mistake with the wind, I was making them all now. The only thing I really had going for me was my ability to get to the location without being detected.

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