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A Coyote Hunting Misadventure

A Coyote Hunting Misadventure

By Troy Adams

Day One
I should have known things might go a little haywire when on my way out to Eastern Montana I rounded a corner doing 75mph on the highway, and ran over a black cat. There was no time to react; stupid cat was right on the side of the road and decided to dart under my tire instead of run the other way. There wasn't a house for miles out there and so I guess the world is less one stray cat. However I think he put some kind of curse on me.

A Coyote Hunting Misadventure

Day Two
The next morning Cory, my partner, and I are in a new area to both of us for coyote hunting. I howl and we get a response about a mile away. We close the distance and set up to call. I turn on the CS-24, start with a howl, mute the caller and then attempt to start a sequence. Push button, nothing, push again, nothing. Cuss caller, push button again, nothing. Walk over to caller and see low battery light flashing. Now I'm not happy as I'd just charged the batteries the night before. I have more batteries but they are back at the truck. So I tell Cory I'm just going to have to hand call this set. I sit down, and do my best versions of a coyote pup having the stuffing’s kicked out of him. At about the 10 minute mark Cory tells me not to move and he's got a coyote spotted. The darn thing came in to our hard left and we were facing more to the right. Eventually Cory was able to swing around and drop our first coyote of the trip. It was a nice big, reddish colored female. Who needs electronics anyway?

We head back to the truck and I change out the batteries and get the CS-24 behaving again. (Guess I like using electronics.) We set up on our second stand and in about 10 minutes or less a coyote comes screaming in right on the trail we just walked in on. It caught me a little off guard because I wasn't expecting it from that direction. I can't get it to stop and it smells the caller, and then takes off straight away. Cory has it dead to rights in his scope. I'm expecting him to shoot when I hear a loud CLICK! His firing pin dropped but the round did not go off. I can hear Cory swearing and messing with his rifle. I'm trying to concentrate and line up on the coyote, but I'm more than a little distracted wondering what Cory is doing. The coyote stops higher on the hill than I wanted and my shooting sticks are topped out. I can't get real solid but try a shot and miss. Now both Cory and I have something to cuss about.

His RRA Predator Pursuit rifle is frozen solid. Safety, trigger, and action won't budge. He ends up pulling the pins, and pulling the rifle apart. He finally gets it working again. We still don't know why it malfunctioned, but Cory isn't too happy with his rifle at the moment. We stomp back to the truck as neither of us is very thrilled about not putting that coyote on the ground.

We get to the truck, shake off the fail, and head for the third stand. Just as we are pulling through a gate we hear a loud thump. I look at Cory and ask, “What the heck was that?” Cory looks out his window and sees that he's run over a wooden post. It had snapped in two. The upper half has a large spike that drove itself into the side wall of the front driver's side tire on Cory’s Chevy pickup. We jump out, and Cory gets a jack under the truck ASAP. In our haste we failed to notice that we had the jack turned the wrong way to attach the handle and now the weight of the truck is on the jack. I ended up having to pull the truck forward to get the jack out so we could reposition it. We removed the flat tire and put the spare on. We lower the truck only to discover the spare is very low. Not quite flat, but not far from it either. Since we are in the middle of nowhere and a long ways from any help we had to make a decision. We decided it's best to just head back to Cory’s house and get a better tire. So we end up playing tire repair shop during a couple hours of prime morning calling time.

A Coyote Hunting Misadventure
The post and spike.

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